Drone Committee sitting - Tuesday 11/06/19

BBC TV Parlaiment 0930 and 1030. EVIDENCE HEARING: Commercial and recreational drone use in the UK - ikopta.
Important evidence being presented to the Science & Technology Committee 11/06/2019 on the future of Drone use in the UK…
Might be useful, might be boring. Cannot imagine the people sitting on the second phase have too much drone knowledge

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Fellow Droners,
From my email the link is https://parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/5a8783e9-e676-4b03-9aa8-e4681491b5d1

It all kicks off 11/6/19 at 9:45am. As IKOPTA said, get yer popcorn.

Also, going back to the original request for comments, those that were published are here:

Now I just read the first few lines of the entry from BALPA. Now that makes for really sensationalist reading. They still bang on about Gatwick and they also rattle on like the BBC or The Sun do about potentially disastrous damage to aircraft.

Not a massive number of responses either overall.



I have skimmed the pdf’s.
It’s just a shame that the general consensus is to clamp down, regulate, ban, control. No EFFORT to provide hobbyists places to fly.
In fact if you google where can I fly my drone, you get the below result. It tells you illegal places to fly, but not where to fly (i.e. “yes, this area is for drones”)
I agree that a drone may be easily modified to do serious damage. But that’s the person. Not the drone.
Safe places to fly would, in my opinion, go a VERY long way in improving ‘health and safety’ and privacy.
And please, privacy! Not many people would want to send up a drone to look at a person, when you could just walk up to them and stare. People worried about privacy may need to realise that they are not as interesting as they think.
Yes, you get stalkers and weirdo’s, but that’s life. They’ll get caught eventually. A broad penalty is like using a sledge hammer to nail your shed roof pins down.
My rant of the day.

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It’s time ….


Channel 232 Freeview

Yay! A “club” can register for “all of its members” ……


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My brief summary …

  • Nothing that changes what we already knew
  • Apparent pressure to include <250g craft
  • General ignorance on the subject of drones by government people
  • Obsession with terrorism that common sense means we already knew the legislation and tech doesn’t prevent
  • Very clued up guy from Altitude Angel - Richard Parker … knows his stuff and communicated it very eloquently.