Drone Confrontation - 2021 poll

This is by no means a scientific poll

Have you ever been confronted while flying your drone?

  • Yes - Only positive chat
  • Yes - Only negative chat
  • Yes - Mixture of positive/negative
  • Yes - I have been assaulted at least once
  • No - No one seems to care

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Taking into account every drone flight you’ve ever done, what percentage of your flights are you confronted by a member of a public.

  • 0%-25%
  • 26%-50%
  • 51%-75%
  • 76%-100%

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Feel free to discuss your confrontations & experiences below.


2nd vote, did you mean approached rather than confronted?

I guess both mean approached, poor wording by me due to confrontation being the general term pilots use in this scenario whether good or bad.

Edited to add: I can’t too much time passed! Interpret however you see fit! :slight_smile:

Any chance an @admins can change the questions to say approached rather than confrontation, but keep the thread title as confrontation!!


I believe people can edit their answer should they need too.

The Karen that had a go at me still stares at me with daggers every time I see her at the field…so I just do a few power loops to cheer her up :slight_smile:


Any edits to a poll wipe all votes cast thus far.


Thanks, leave it as it is in that case.

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All those who’ve talked to me about the drone have been extremely positive, interested in its capabilities and often amazed by the live video stream.

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As it’s the weekend, would be nice to get a few more votes on this to get to the magic 100 to make the %s sort of stack up, and then I’ll post my conclusion! :rofl:

People don’t generally randomly approach me because when they get to within 10m of me I begin to growl at them…


In 63 flights I have only been approached once or twice and that was more to point out my drone to children and smile.

People really do not care.

Now if you asked as if I had negative comments on Facebook, then that is a different matter! Keyboard warriors…


Thanks to everyone who voted in this.

My conclusion to drone confrontation is that it may happen, and you should certainly be prepared for it as much as you should be your flight, but the odds of it happening are quite frankly, slim to none! Anyone that does approach you is likely going to be positive and enquire about features, specs, and cost.

Despite the YouTube videos, and rants on facebook, in reality it barely happens and if it has happened to you, and put you off, don’t let it, it probably wont happen again for a good while.

Today I put this to the the test with my first flight in what would defiantly be surrounded by members of the public. A work colleague asked if I could get some aerial footage of their larping session, in particularly a battle re-enactment that was taking place this afternoon on some Castle grounds.

I won’t go into the in’s and outs of the prepwork, as we all know what we should be doing, but the flight was done to the Drone Code and safe distance at all times from any crowds.

To try and reduce the chance of questioning I made myself as official as possible. ‘Drone Pilot’ lanyard, landing mat, and a copy of my submitted Drone Assist pre-flight report next to my bag in plastic sleeve.

A good hour or so of footage was obtained, a couple of battery changes, and absolutely nothing other than comments of ‘ooh cool’, ‘look kids it’s landing, watch’ ‘he’s got a better view there than we had’ etc.

Not a single grumble despite having families walking nearby throughout.

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Only had one negative interaction was in a county park locally to me.

“Countyside manager” out walking her dog in uniform off duty “this isn’t my park but I know drones are not allowed at my park”

Wanted a full on conversation while I was bringing it in to land (was already doing this before she approached.

All my other limited interaction with people had been positive.

Also have flown at some fairly sensitive sites/areas and most people don’t bat an eye.

Just for pure interest…Has anybody had problems with unfriendly members of the Public or Police while out flying their Drone. Would like to hear about them.

@Robwak your post has been moved to an active thread on this subject. Please try a few searches, this subject is discussed quite often and there are many more threads containing the information you seek.

Plenty of discussions about this already. I recently did a poll on ‘drone confrontation’ above and general outcome is no one will bother you. Sometimes you’ll be approached but for the most part it will positive and inquisitive questions and on very few occasions you’ll come across someone think they are the drone police. This happens rarely.

Fly within the drone code, know your dos and dont’s know who owns the land you TOALd from and have a handy fact sheet you can hand out to any Karen’s to back up your reasons to why it’s a legal flight. If you do a search you should find plenty of past discussion and useful information including ready made hand outs etc.

Yesterday evening we had a spilled oil tanker in our village and I got some pics of the cleanup operation to share on Facebook and then decided to just walk one end of the village to the other with the drone up above. No one batted an eye lid. Probably helped by how quiet the mini 2 is once it’s up in the air.

The Facebook pic just got likes about how different the road looked from above. No one was interested in being drone police. So far. Probably because no ones house was in the pic. :wink:


I’ve only ever had one negative encounter and all the other interactions people have been either simply polite, or really interested.

I generally fly FPV and I wonder if a 150kph racing drone gets a different reaction from a quietly cruising Mavic etc!


Alternatively… you could try the t-shirt my wife got me for my birthday… :grin:


The local Karen appeared again this evening, always good fun.


haha, that’s awesome

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