Drone controller simulator

Hi All, I’m not sure if this is in the right area, but do let know if there is somewhere better for it.
I am brand new here, and have yet to purchase a drone, but wondered if there is a simulator that can be used on an iPhone or iPad to help me to learn how to fly a drone, before I put one in the air.
What I am looking for is an app (maybe) that has a virtual drone with a virtual controller, that I can at least begin to understand what the left and right stick do.
Any advice would be very welcome.


Hi and welcome to GADC.

I’m sure someone will be along to help with your question shortly, where abouts in the UK are you?

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This one seems to have half decent reviews :slight_smile:

It also gives you an idea of what to expect the sticks to do and behave like :).

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Thanks for that … I don’t know why I hadn’t found that when I did a search !! :crazy_face:

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For what it’s worth with DJI drones you have a certain amount of flexibility regarding what the sticks do. So you can swap the up/down controls from one side to the other etc etc. So don’t panic if it doesn’t feel natural :+1:

I don’t know if other drone controllers do this too, but it may be worth looking into :slight_smile:

I have just been having a play with the app you mentioned, and have suddenly developed a huge respect for FPV pilots … I keep bouncing between the walls and the ceiling… so obviously need to practice :slight_smile:.
I have read that you can swap from the standard (Mode2) controls to other modes on the DJIs, but I suspect its best to try to get used to the ‘normal’ set up.
Thanks again … now back to practicing :exploding_head:

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I had to change mine straight away as I (tragically) spend quite a bit of time flying around on a Xbox game and I could make the controls the same so it became very intuitive.

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FIMI X8 SE does that as well.
To help, go on YouTube and search for video of your choice of drone and watch them.
Start off slowly and don’t be too adventurous.
Most drones have built in safety and stability to make life easier for you.
Use open spaces at first until you build your confidence and enjoy :grin:

Most controllers have what’s called Mode 1 or Mode 2 options which swaps the throttle / altitude and the elevator / pitch. As per the Typhoons ST16 controller below, you just select which mode you want to fly in the setup menu.