Drone Deploy

Is anyone using this app/software

Not tired it yet, but It is next on the list.

I have had a trial on Pix4D, which has the advantage of being able to process on computer if you want. Drone deploy requires you to upload the images for them to be processed in the cloud.

Thanks do you know the costs at all as not got that far yet

With both PixD and Drone deploy it depends on what you want and they break it down into modules. The basic is mapping, and there are 3D modelling, agriculture, thermography etc.

I think drone deploy is popular as you can pay monthly and not a minimum subscription period.

If you want to buy lifetimes licences these cost thousands!

Ther are other options and @Longstride / Glenn has been playing around with some free software, but I think a certain level of IT knowledge is required, which is not for me…

The mapping I did with PixD was impressive, but you end up with 100mb image files, so not easy to transfer to clients.

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Thanks for all the info @BrianB quite good with computers have done CAD and 3D design over the years maybe take a look at them all, I was of the understanding you need a special camera Is that not so?

A Multispectral camera is required if you want to do NDVI mapping for agriculture (eg. Parrot Sequoia).

Other than that, no :slight_smile:

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Cool thanks @PingSpike

Check out some of @Longstride / Glenn’s posts on using mapping-software, this one is a good starting point.


Thanks @BrianB :+1:

Sorry been working away so just caught up!

Personally I use Pix4Dcapture capture, but in fact all you really need is a set of geo tagged photos that ideally overlap for the photogrammetry to work. Pix4D does a good modeller price tier, but I paid £40 for open drone map (it’s free if you compile yourself, but if you pay £40 ish you get an easy installer).

After that in any of the tools you can export a .obj textured 3D mesh. I then use blender to edit that further to simplify it to less points and a smaller file size.

It’s all pretty cool!


Hi @Longstride many thanks for the info, I am pretty PC literate experienced and qualified in CAD and 3D design etc well a lot of years ago lol, How does it work ie do you just film as normal then load video into package/software, any help would be appreciated

Cool. You’ll be fine then!

Just use pix4d app to fly your drone route, it’ll take off fly and land a preprogrammed route. It will calculate when and where to take each photo for correct overlap etc.

What you do at end is simply take the set of photos off drone sd card in usual way and upload them into with pix4d cloud or open drone map on you PC.

It’ll crunch them for a while and produce the models which you can view and export.

Thanks for your help much appreciated @Longstride let you know how I go on when I use it :+1:

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