Drone flight in Croatia as tourist

Am heading to Dubrovnik in June and wish to take my Spark for photos and general capture of our trip

Found a single post which says drone flight is restricted and permission is needed; can anyone who has traveled and used their drone at this location offer any further insight?

Also any comment on insurance abroad would be welcome

Considering the beauty of this location then I would expect drone usage of not uncommon.

According to CCAA …

  • Never fly your drone higher than 120 meters above the surface or 50 meters above any obstacle.
  • When flying in controlled airspace, stay 5 kilometers from the aerodrome and no more than 50 meters above the surface.
  • When flying in uncontrolled airspace, stay 3 kilometers from aerodromes and below 120 meters above the surface.
  • At all times, maintain a visual line of sight with the drone.
  • Drones must keep a minimum of 30 meters away from uninvolved individuals unless the low-speed mode is activated and the maximum speed does not exceed 3 meters per second. In that case, the drone must maintain a minimum distance of 5 meters from uninvolved individuals.
  • A UAV in flight must maintain a minimum distance of 50 meters from a group of people.
  • All drones weighing more than 5kg must be labeled with a non-flammable identification plate or an identification label if the drone weighs less than 5kg. The non-flammable identification plate or label must bear the unmanned aircraft system’s identification mark and the owner’s contact information (name, surname, address, phone/e-mail).
  • Never operate more than one drone concurrently.
  • Avoid flying over areas where emergency response efforts are underway.

Source: here

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Appreciate the insight.

Pass your drone test for Europe in either Luxembourg or Ireland.

Then you can fly.


for more information.

You will need to display your EASA drone number on your aircraft.

That is an interesting article although it does create some confusion as there is now some conflicting information

According to an article I was posted to it stated:-

  • For category A and B1 flight operations, the operator does not have to register their drone or pass an exam.

  • For category B2 and C1 flight operations, it is mandatory to register your drone using the Registration of UAS Operator Form: FOD-FRM-005

  • For category C1 flight operations, the drone operator must pass a theoretical knowledge test in addition to registering their drone.

  • For category C2 flight operations, the drone operator must pass a theoretical knowledge test, demonstrate flight proficiency, and receive approval from the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency.

As my drone is a DJI Spark and is under 900g then it falls into the B1 category so according to the given table I do not need to register or take an exam above the CAA test that was necessary to obtain my flight and operator ID. I have secured insurance for EU countries and have the certificate to show that when I go on hols.

I would ignore any 3rd party site and refer to CCAA - I wish to fly drone in Croatia, I am not Croatian citizen, I am here temporarily – what do I need to do?

Most sites are incorrect or not updated.