Drone flight uploads

Sorry to be a bit daft to ask but am I right in thinking that I can upload my footage onto the drone scene site?
Only ask, as I have tried, and it denies me access because my details are not the same as my forum details.
I have definitely put them in correctly, checked and double checked.
Any ideas please

I know @PingSpike.has been doing some work on the Drone Scene site, so whilst I believe everything should be working ok, I’ll let him answer that one.

Just checking that I could log in OK - and it threw me that it asks for ID and email address …. rather than email and password.

Did this catch you out too?

Yes, it asks for id and email address which I thought a bit strange, but then figured if it was connected to the the GADC then if you were signed in there that’s all it needs to log you in to drone scene.
Thanks again

Look forward to uploading some footage and photos.




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