Drone flights birmingham

Hi all, just joined this site and seems very user friendly and informative.
I have a mavic mini and old phantom 3 standard looking to fly in Birmingham area.
Have only managed to find 2 areas to fly that being the very northern part of Sutton Park, and barrbeacon, does anyone know of any other local destinations…

Hi Brigivy45

I have managed to fly in a few places so far, I am not sure of the legalities of everywhere I have flown as it is not always clear. But I have attempted to use AirMap and UAV Forcast to ensure that I am as safe as possible.

As I look into legalities, then flying a drone anywhere in the UK is starting to seem almost impossible without potentially breaking a rule somewhere! I think All National Trust sites do not allow Drones at all after checking this further, I may have broke that rule by accident.

I tend to try and find small remote fields and stay away from people as much as is possible and not fly over head of course.

I think the best option are public right of ways across fields as long as the farmer is not working and it is not a popular route, you could ask for permission of course. I am still learning to Fly my Mavic Mini and learn about this all myself, but hopefully you get something out of this.

My YouTube channel shows where I have flow so far apart from just above my house

Good Luck