Drone Flying Over The River Rhine At Monheim Am Rhein 18/12/2018


(Constructive criticism), SLOW down your movements !.
Don’t jerk the stick, move it gradually and slowly
decrease the Yaw Settings and Pan/tilt of the Camera on the Controller/drone.
You will find it makes for a more Cinematic video.
And by the way, A big welcome to GADC. !

Yes …:sweat_smile: …Keep practicing … You will get there … Eventually …:cold_sweat: :scream:

Welcome Windy, stop by the Introductions thread and say hello so you can tell us about yourself and your kit.

As for the video, I liked the style of intro and thought this is going to be good, but after 10 seconds I got bored so skipped the rest, a one minute intro is far too long. If you don’t capture your audience within the first 30 seconds you’ve lost them.

You’re obviously new to drones and we all have to start somewhere, so well done on a first effort especially getting it over the water, it can take some time to pluck up the courage. As Chris has said, slow down your movements, you can alter the speed from within the app as well as use Cinematic mode, there are plenty of YT videos for the best settings.
Edit the video to show the best bits and add some music it makes the world of difference. Keep going matey, we look forward to seeing your future efforts and if you need any help or advice this club is the place to find it :+1:

@Windy2904, My comments above were in no way being derogatory to your video.
@Paul_M is absolutely on the money, to big an intro ,5 secs max.
Also (as said), we were all the same when we flew our first drone.
It was Very brave to venture over the water, most people will not do that for weeks/months, if at all !.
Also great that the wife is on your side (i assume that was her sitting on the seat)
Please feel free to pick our brains, we do not claim to be experts, but we pass on our advice freely.
At least you are being active on the forum, that’s the main thing.
We love it when conversations start, banter follows, jokes, advice, comments.
It’s what makes the Forum what it is…
“Our Second Home”

That was me when I started 2 months ago and still is, and as the guys are saying on here keep at it, I take on board every piece of constructive criticism and feeling more confident each flight…welcome and enjoy @Windy2904

Always good to not worry about getting videos/photos during your first few flights.
Practice getting use to the drone and how it moves.
Face it away from yourself at first , and try just basic slow movements left and right forward and back.
Fly a square, use a combination of the sticks to fly a rough circle, a triangle, any shape you can think of !.
Then face it towards yourself, and repeat (remember that all the controls are reversed ! )
its great practice to getting use to your drone.
Give yourself plenty of space, with no obstacle’s, or trees.
Having a landing pad is a handy accessory, if you don’t have one practice precise landing on something like a tree stump, a small bump in the ground.
Its great for just getting use to your drone.
To many people go at it to fast, then bury it into the nearest tree or wall.
But, the most important thing…Enjoy what you are doing with it !

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