Drone footage from Bamford Edge to LadyBower Reservior


Nice one, been a while since I trekked up that way. Guess you used the Fly app for edit. My 1st vid used that piece of music, one of the handful that comes with the editor that I really like. :ok_hand:t2:

Yes I used the DJI Fly App to edit and was impressed with it plus my computer skills are limited. Just learning how to fly my Air2S first then I’ll try some editing software.

Sensible approach. I like the convenience of the Fly app editor but I need more editing options like multi audio tracking, more plugins for creating intro’s and outro’s and being able to upload finished composition in 4K. Its like a drug… Cant wait to get my laptop sorted with a decent editing suite. :hugs: :rofl:

Lovely video, simple but very effective. It would be interesting to see how far the drone would go over the reservoir?

Great video, nice one.

I held back flying over Ladybower as their are signs requesting no Drones :weary:

Thank you :+1: