Drone footage of Arecibo telescope collapse

In a fairly amazing coincidence of events, a drone survey was being carried out at the moment the telescope finally collapsed! The footage is in the article - I can only imagine how they all felt when it went!


What a coincidence.

Very sad that this happened though

Amazing footage! Very interesting. Another useful use of drones even though it showed that there was no suitable rescue operation possible.

This was the telescope used in the James Bond film ‘Goldeneye’. They made a bit of a mess of it then, too!

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no coincidence - they blew the support cables out …

They were not blown - it was not caused by human intervention.

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I think if you look at the NSF’s site - the owners of Arecibo Observatory - it wasn’t.

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amazing coincidence all those camera’s trained on the key parts as they failed - im sorry but those cables looked very much like they were blown out to me and as a result the main structure dropped …there is no way I can beleive this was a random event that happened to be filmed from multiple different persepectives in the middle of the jungle… it just beggars belief … the cameras were there because they knew this was happening in my view …

The cameras were there to assess things. I think the owners would know if they were demolishing it?

The plan is to dismantle parts to make things safe, but that work hadn’t actually started.

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i am not into consiporacy theories or other such nonsense … it may or may not be a coincidence but it seems an incredible coincidence to me and I will continue to say those cables looked very much like they were cut by a managed explosion to me …

lets just agree to disagree …I am highly sceptical that this was a coincidence…

Wow great footage…

I hope somehow they get funding to rebuild it