Drone found in Tickhill, Doncaster

I’ve just seen this on a local doncaster area fb page (Tickhill community forum)

is it anyone on here?


Good spot.

Looks like a mavic mini copy type drone

Those prop guards look decent. Anything similar available for the mini 2?

Looks like it says Teng Mini on it, wondering how long it’s been there with the rusting it’s experienced

These are the official ones. There’s no doubt many available for half of the price on ebay

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Cage is a bit too big. The ones on that drone seem easier to pack.

The ones on that drone aren’t much protection, bumping into a flat wall front back or sideways at best. I’d even doubt that looking how straight out the front protectors are.

They are a good idea but unfortunately at 23g per side they put you way over the the magic 250g

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It’s nice of the lady to bother posting. The drone doesn’t look as if it’ll pass its MOT though. :smiley:

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Just up the road from me (langold).
Probably put there contact details under the battery.

@Urbansnooper They also act as a sail in the wind, advised for indoor or very low level use.

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