Drone Found Reward

Does anyone else label their drone if it gets lost and found.

In all the Drones or aircraft I’ve owned I’ve never needed it yet … But just in case, and a £50 reward is nearly worth it just to get the memory back let alone the bird.

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Yup, I do all mine with a “P Touch Labeller”, with Name ,Address, Phone Number and also states “REWARD IF FOUND”.
I do the top of the drone, and inside battery compartment.
If you have not got a labeller, you can get some cheap labels made up on Ebay.

You’ve just reminded me that I’ve forgot to label my new MP2. I’ll rev up the dymo labeller

Hell yeah I do!

Bit of a potential flaw though, if the battery comes out there is no label on the drone itself…

I shall fix this next week :blush:

Dymo tape machine…loved them

ah that looks pretty cool was thinking about wrapping my MP2 the grey looks cool except if your trying to find it when its stuck up a tree…

lol went through about 1 and a half reels when i first got mine …labeled everything…

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Wrapped mine in orange, just in case it landed in long grass or a tree. My idea was that there’s no point in camouflaging something you’re looking for. I mean, why make it impossible to find.
Plus I can see it easier and further in the air


nice i was thinking along the lines of workman hi-viz yellow …

Shocking but easy on the eye to see and find …


I have been considering getting one of these >>>>>>

My daughter has a cutting machine for her paper craft hobby it’s a bit like what they use for car graphics. I’ve cut a few stickers for my Mavic including phone number, a reminder to remove the gimble cover, numbered the batteries and started up the case with reflective sticky. I used the same Matt gold colour on the drone

so it looks like it’s meant to be there.

I use one of these with an o2 classic PAYG SIM.


I put my email address on the side. Not quite as noticeable, certainly, but anyone finding it would find my address.

Dymo labels on mine with email address as well. No rewards mentioned.

Lost and found two drones, one had a label and one did not. Both people refused to take anything for finding my drone.

Dymo with phone number for me.
Same on cameras, etc.

Yes, and also pay £15 a year with dronesafe… They give a fancy sticker with web address and they actually pay the reward!

plus, another £25 membership, I assume?

My bad, typo… It’s now £25 for annual membership, and that includes the reward cover… I paid in May with a special offer of £14.95

Has any one tried these for labelling the actual drone?

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