Drone friendly areas Hampshire

Hi guys, I’ve had a bit of a hiatus from flying lately but wanted to get back out there. I am looking to take my nephew out too as he’s shown an interest but was wondering if there was any particularly places you guys preferred where we wouldn’t get harassed too much?!

I fly on Hayling and elsewhere and have yet to be harassed. Most people either don’t notice/care what I’m doing or stop and ask friendly questions (normally ends up with me showing the tablet and thedrone view of us chatting).

There are several places I have put on the map of Where to Fly - zoom in and you will see there are various good spots in the area. Hampshire is a big county with a fair number of GADC members - whereabouts are you?

Thanks Dude, I’m in Southampton but Nephew in Havant so Hayling is a good shout. Was thinking about Rakton Ruins but think it’s fenced off now.

Strangely enough I was looking at overflying the ruins recently. It’s on my “places to fly so I can add to the places to fly” list.

Also looking at this It’s not on National Trust land though bordered by Uppark House, tthere’s a convenient car park and there should be some interesting views as well as the folly itself.

Hi macspite,

I also checked this out a few weeks ago, it is in fact on NT land I found and I think near the bottom of the link info you added it says it there as well, as you prob know they have this ancient bylaw about flying… they also say don’t bother asking… haha, nice of them…


According to the map it isn’t NT but between Uppark Estate and aportion of hill owned by NT. The South Downs Way runs close by and you could launch from there or from the field entrance - both public and unrestricted as far as #i now.

The NT bylaws say no overflying and no photography. In part this may be to protect their sales of postcards and the like. The whole HT bylaw thing has been discussed in several threads on here at various times. My understanding is that they control the land but not the airspace. If a reasonable approach is taken - not flying below 50m for example - they would have a difficult time bringing a prosecution, the penalty for breaking one of their bylaws is £19 though of course they mat seek legal costs on top. Very few private pilots on a jolly from Goodwood seem to get dragged into court when they overfly NT properties … :slight_smile: