Drone idiot

A drone fell onto a beach in the USA and they reckon 3 thousand nesting terns abandoned their eggs.

Frightened terns abandon 3,000 eggs after drone illegally crashes on beach | California | The Guardian

also spott4d this

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It’s in the Guardian so it must be true, yeh right. The ‘grabber’ is ‘drone crashes and 3000 birdies leave their nests’ but when you pull out the truth from the over excited bollocks that Guardian readers like, further down it reports a huge increase in visitor numbers )due to the pandemic) with dogs off leash. It wouldn’t be as an exciting headline for the chattering class of Guardianistas to read that HUNDREDS of dogs have been allowed to chase around nesting sites day after day. But ONE drone crashes and it’s an ecological disaster on a par with dinosaur extinction.


I agree, dogs off leads do more damage on nature sites than drones.
On Springwatch last week they showed a loose dog out of control on Wild Ken Hill doing who knows what damage!


Yes I saw that footage too…

Some of the statistics on that show are of concern too… 40% more dog owners since pandemic and of those interviewed 50% stated that their dog would not come back to them on command so in effect unmanned and uncontrollable.

in one of the recent episodes they had marshals attending/guarding a beach because of ground nesting birds and their eggs being trampled on by humans and their dogs… You won’t see a sign being put up there banning dogs, like they would for drones users… which obviously (in Guardian speak) is a threat to all and everyone’s lives - similar to ‘nuclear war’

Dogs are an intrinsic part of life here so no banning of them.

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Yes, they only ban dogs from beaches where folks want to go swimming etc.
Can’t remember when I last saw a sign on the countryside asking for dogs to be kept on lead because of wildlife.