Drone lifts on one side when taking off and props dig in to ground


Hi guys. I need to pick your brains.
I took my mavic Air out today, I’ve not flown it for a while. Straight away it needed to to a firmware update and calibration, so I did both. When I come to fly it as soon as I tried to take off it lifted on one side and dug the props into the ground.
I tried it again but this time it tried to take off itself and did the same thing. Anyone had the same issues or ideas on how I can sort it.



I’m not familiar enough with the Air to know if props can go on the wrong corners … but I’d double check you have two of each of the two types of props (each correct rotation direction), and that they are on the correct corners.



It does sound like props are fitted incorrectly.



With the Air the props are different and you do need to have the correct ones on the correct corner.

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Am I right in thinking that, with the Air, it is possible for them to go on the incorrect corners?
The MP only go on the correct corners.



I read a few threads with people managing to put them on the wrong way and being unable to get them back off.

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I seem to recall something - but not sufficiently to be certain.

Strange they allowed that on the Air … even the earliest Phantom 2 had left-hand/right-hand threads to prevent incorrect positioning.

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I’d have thought it would have been similar to MP.

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Just tested this, they push down on the peg but do not lock in place… so no, they can’t go on the wrong corner



Is what stops them a small plastic lug that can possibly have broken off?

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Yes there are lugs



Same on MP - small ones - pics in a tic.



Pics …

And the props are marked, too, one with a white ring near the centre that goes with the motor with the white markings.



Thanks gents. I think that’s what I’ve done. I remember now before I put it away the last time there was a tiny chip in one prop, so I replaced it. Looks like I’ve managed to put a wrong one on.
I’m sure there’ll be a YouTube video entitled “The idiots guide to removing the wrong prop”
I’ll have a go with that tomorrow.



I don’t know about “lugs” on props off top of my head but they are marked up white and black on props and motors. See pics

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Yes they are - and I’ve never had a problem - I was more following up the “can you” aspect of getting it wrong.

Those, I take it, are Air props?

Interesting to see the difference. :+1:

I added the comparative MP prop/motor markings above, for those that are curious. (Not that they’re much use at night. :wink: )



Yeah they are, I don’t know if they physically fit on the wrong way (they don’t have the lugs like the MP ones) but if they do check the colour code



I’ve hunted and can’t find the previous thread where someone had them on the wrong corners - with the same consequence, obviously - and I’m sure that was also an Air. And, if so, I was trying to see why it appeared to be just the Air that sometimes had this problem.

All useful info.



Just had my MA out to have a look, the props don’t lock into place if you put them on the wrong motor, altho I can’t see what stops them locking into place :thinking::thinking:

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Just got my Air out, (haven’t sold it yet). You can put the props on the wrong motors. At first it seems like they won’t rotate and click into place but with a tiny bit more pressure they do.