Drone over Europe

After recent tour of Europe , just finished Video with Drone highlights


My first comment is that I love the music. It’s the closest piece to Pachelbel’s Cannon I’ve ever heard. It’s the piece to which i wish to be buried.

Secondly, FILTERS! I don’t know what you used but it looks quite washed out. You’ve clearly had an epic opportunity to travel and WOW, some of the footage and scenery is amazing. I didn’t know Germany and Switzerland were so beautiful… And I genuinely thank you for sharing the footage!

Well done :+1::+1::+1:

Thanks , if you ever get the chance go to Switzerland absolute stunning , we were lucky to take a 10 week holiday this year in Motorhome across Europe.

Did not use any filters must be my colour grading

Sorry, I should have been clearer. Think it might have been better with filters :+1:

Colours look good to me :+1:

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Not to me. Looks perfect.

Love Cinque Terre! :+1:

(Love all if the video - I just loooove CT! :wink: )

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Good enough that I just replayed the whole thing on the big screen.

Superb. :+1:

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It looks great - I’m going to put this up on my telly later as well! Great work both on the shots and editing.


Thanks glad you enjoyed

Really enjoyed watching this and as a newbie it’s given me inspiration to get out there and get some interesting shots. I was wondering with some of the over boat shots, did you fly from the boat?

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Glad you enjoyed the video, all the over water shots were flown from land


I suppose I’ll have to brave it at some point!!!:grimacing:

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Most of your best shots will be over water ,

You have to trust your drone , and make sure you have enough battery to get back , seagulls are the biggest threat, stay away from any nesting areas ,

He Who dares !

Take look at my Isle of Wight video
Flew from the island to main land


Got to agree there Dave !.
Looks just fine to me, great Video by the way, inspirational !.

One word … outstanding!!


Great videos bud :+1: very inspiring

Question for you, when you flew at the needles where did you take off from?

I’ve thought about flying there but it’s always quite busy especially when it’s nice and sunny

I’d probably walk half way up the main path, early on :+1:t2:

That said, it’s a drone… you could take off from half a mile away :blush:

Took off from beach in Alum bay

That’s a great video! Watched all of it, all done. Ballsy flying. Did you have any filters on?