Drone pilot pleads guilty to endangering historic aircraft

Mate of mine just sent me this. Guess they got him under Article 240. Perhaps the drone code should include a mention of Notams. May have saved this from happening.




It does:

It’s a safe bet that anyone willing to fly a drone anywhere near a RAF fly past probably wouldn’t check anywhere for notams :confused:

Mmm. Missed that.

This is why I check the Drone Safety Map (Altitude Angel) before going to fly. It has the NOTAMS there for sure. I do look at Drone Scene as well.


One and the same, but drone scene has far superior tools as well as much more information over Altitude Angel :+1:t2:


Thank you. I was not 100% sure.

NotamInfo is afree app that can be set to send you regular Notam updates any area you choose.

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Do you have a link?

Let’s hope that this makes people think about their responsibilities before simply taking to the skies.

Ignorance of the rules is not a defense.

The consequences of this guy’s actions don’t bear thinking about with 20000 spectators watching.
The consequences for our hobby could have been even more restricting too.


Related note:-

Yes the guy is a lunatic who deserves the book flown at him but the interesting line there is he’s charged with “Operating an aircraft outside the visual line of sight”.

First time ive seen that specific charge applied to someone (and by nature of the plea, proven in court).


Its not an app, its just a website:-

But you’ll get the same drone related NOTAMs and FRZs from Altitude Angel website or DA or DS etc.

Not an app as such. It just opens in a browser.
Need to sign up and then set it up.

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I wonder if the authorities will use this by means of coming down heavy, as an example too others :thinking:

I wonder how close, “ dangerously close” to the wing of the Hurricane “ actually was ? For all we know, it could have been 1000ft away ( no excuse for flying though) Just making the point though :wink:

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Or you could argue that the system works in that it catches idiots and convicts.

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Anywhere inside the restriction zone is defined as dangerously close, hence the zone.
Ultimately 20,000 people and fast moving aircraft unable to comply with the rules of the air need a big bubble of protection around them.

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Link to this “definition”?

Yeah I get that, obviously not been sentenced yet, question is anyone’s guess as well, I wonder how hard they’ll come down meaning, fine, un payed work or worser still prison.

gnirt, how large is the usual exclusion zone for such an event ? Where the flight path/ plan is actually known ?

Depends on the event and what’s flying.

Big events like RIAT have the display area plus a few holding areas declared.
Other smaller shows are often just a circular area of 3-5nm or whatever. Fast jets and formation displays need a larger area than a few slower props doing flybys.
Generally assumed that the a/c inside are unable to comply with the standard rules of the air and as such anywhere inside it is potentially dangerous.

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