Drone safe

Hi, I just want to know if I am allowed to fly in a park near me even though there is an aiport nearby. according to NATS, its not in the redzone, yellow only. thanks in advance

With respect to nats, yes. But follow drone code and check bylaws?

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If you zoom in on the park it will show you more detail.

Its outside FRZ but you would still need to make sure you can fly safely under drone code.

It’s not the biggest of parks, dropping a pin on Google maps and measuring out to the surrounding buildings gives a radius of roughly 50m.


I would just out of courtesy phone ATC and let them know that you will be flying. Also give the local police a call and tell them. That way if anybody phone’s the police they can say yes we know it’s above board and helps with the good name of us drone fliers.


thanks everyone!

Where can I find this information? I downloaded check b4 you fly but it’s not updated in this country. It would be useful to have a good app on my phone.


We have links to NATS Drone Assist app on DroneScene.



Thanks I’ll try and download it on the App Store.:ok_hand: