Drone scene / DJI geo zones

Does anyone know please if this area I’d like to fly will need unlock geo zone from DJI ? It looks ok on drone scene but, as I’ve not ventured out properly for some time I’m a bit rusty on the layers for drone scene, also trying to check in advance to see if I’ll have to unlock a geo zone, which I’ve never done before, can anyone please help or advise thanks in advance …
Just want to be safe rather than sorry :+1:t2:

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You only need a DJI unlock for flights above 500M in that area.

Thankyou @HantsFlyer appreciated ……

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Maximum flight altitude in open category is 120 metres.

Yes I know and I’m sure @Kirky does also.

I’m just pointing out that area only needs an unlock code if the flight is above 500m. :+1:

Yes I did or do know that, 120 m or 400 ft max :+1:t2:

Do you have a link to that data?

No restrictions at this present time @Kirky Rich

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Thankyou Wayne @Sparkyws much appreciated.

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Go to the map on the DJI Fly App and the information is there for that particular area.

Made-up rubbish by DJI that can’t even be consistent across its own platforms

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I know, I know!! :joy: :joy:

@Kirky - where is this map from Rich ???

Hi john @Jhdee
It’s at Thorpe, Thorpe park area, I think it comes under chertsey / Staines :+1:t2:

Edit sorry if you meant where did I get it from, within the DJI fly app .

What revision of the Fly app are you using ??

Well, as I’ve never really had to use it before, I was just checking that the said place above was firstly ok to fly restrictions wise via drone scene, then I thought to my self, if I get there & then maybe I had to unlock a DJI geo zone, so I was just checking in advance as last time I tried to unlock a DJI geo it would not let me, so I was trying to avoid the hopefully not wasted trip,

The app version is v 1.9.9

Then why quote it when someone generally asks a valid question

The 500m altitude limit is another of DJI’s bull, it’s only listed on the Fly spots map (top left of the app)

Use the real map within the fly app bottom left and it doesn’t list that crap

Hope that helps Rich

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Never knew that !
I guess I’ll have to have maps downloaded or tethered for the rc pro, brilliant ……
Thanks Wayne

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