Drone Scene - Error message when adding a Flight Report - Question


Hi Rich,
I’ve just linked my NATS Drone Assist to Drone Scene and tried to create a flight report in DS instead of the NATS DA app I usually use.
I’m reporting flying again at my club site, something I’ve done many times before but it’s given me this error.

It looks as if I can’t use a TAOL site more than once, “existing or future flight” ! :thinking:
Shall I stick to using the NATS DA app or am I missing something obvious… again :laughing:

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

I was able to log a flight that overlaps with another planned flight:

Re-reading the error message, have you already logged a flight in the same time frame?

Anything already in your “active” list Steve?

Just added another one in the same place, but for tomorrow:

Which does make me think you may already have a flight logged elsewhere in the same timeframe, and it’s that timeframe that’s “intersecting”? :thinking:

Can you give me some steps to reproduce this issue?

Maybe it has logged the report even though I got the error message.
Is this what you would expect to see ?

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I’ll try another for tomorrow…

That’s worked OK

I must have done something stupid last time :frowning_face:
Sorry to bother you


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