Drone Scene Feature: I've Flown Here

I’ve Flown Here!

This guide will help you use the “I’ve Flown Here” feature on Drone Scene.

If you have any questions about this feature or if you wish to discuss it in more detail, please reply directly in this thread.

If you have any questions about any other aspect of Drone Scene please try a search in the #drone-scene category before starting a new topic there.

A feature of Drone Scene allows you to build up a list of locations you have flown in, along with letting other members know you’ve flown there too.

To use this feature simply view the details of a specific location on Drone Scene where it now lists the name of everyone who has flown in that location as a clickable link to the member profile.

Here’s an example:

You’re also asked a question too, “Have you flown here?”

If you have flown in this location simply click the green button.

You’ll be prompted for confirmation, to prevent accidental clicks:

If you click “Confirm” then your name will be added to the list of people who have flown in this location, and a reply will be posted to the respective forum thread - also letting the location-author know that you’ve flown here too.

Your own name appears in red on the list of people who have flown in a location.

Your own name also has a cross [X] next to it which allows you to remove yourself from a location. Clicking the cross also prompts for confirmation.

I have added everyone to their own locations already. By which I mean, if you’ve added a location to Drone Scene, your name has automatically been added to the list of people that have flown there. This means you don’t have to go hunting for your own locations and add your own name, it’s already there.

Eg, here’s a location that @notveryprettyboy has flown at:

For obvious reasons you can’t remove your own name from a location you have added :blush:

I’ve also added a new filter item in to the drop down menus which will allow you to filter the map and see all the places you’ve flown at:

Applying this filter updates the map and displays just the locations you have flown in.

The panel at the bottom of the screen (under the map) is also filtered at the same time and instead of showing the usual “Recently added locations” it will show only the locations you have flown at.

Thanks to Karl @notveryprettyboy for requesting ths feature be built.

As ever, please continue to enjoy Drone Scene and please keep those feature requests coming!


IS it possible to extend the above to include the option to post pics/video links? Maybe even additional information such as where to park and TOAL if the OP is a bit sparse on such info.

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Technically? Yes.

Feasibly? No.

Let me explain :slight_smile:

I can only work on Drone Scene in my somewhat limited leisure time. The amount of time it would take me to code what sounds like a relatively simple feature is quite significant. It would take me a number of months to build this feature out.

Given that people can currently reply to the existing thread on the forum to add missing details, discuss the location further, add their own pictures etc, the benefit of doing this in Drone Scene vs me spending my time working on new / bigger & better features outweighs it :blush:

I could add it to the backlog if you’re desperate for it, but we have far greater features in the pipeline to build first :slight_smile:


No worries, as you said easy to edit the post (as I have done with Kenilworth Castle) only neg is if someone who cares reads the post before finished editing, but, it’s not a deal breaker. Carry on with your greater features! :slight_smile: