Drone Scene Updates - October 2021

A new version of Drone Scene has been released :tada:

What’s new in the October update? :thinking:

Read on!

New Features

UI / UX Changes:

  • Remove the current Location from the Recent Locations panel
    – If I am viewing a specific location, eg: https://dronescene.co.uk/where-to-fly-drone/ingram-valley-northumberland/north-east/1473

– Then do not display this very same location in the Recently Added Locations panel:

– Because, well, why would you :man_shrugging:t2:

Bug Fixes

  • :tada: None :tada:

Other Random Stuff

  • None

As ever, please continue to enjoy Drone Scene and please keep those feature requests coming!


Apologies in advance to everyone - it may get a little noisy in #where-to-fly-your-drone-in-the-uk over the next few days :blush:


If it gets too noisy in the next 12 to 24hrs or so I’ll remove the forum cross-posting for the short term, till you’ve all tagged the other locations you’ve flown in :blush:

Further to this new feature:

I think the data gathered behind this one could also set the scene for a couple of league tables, if people would be interested?

We could provide a “Top Ten Locations”, a map showing the most popular locations that have been flown by the most amount of members.

And/or a “Most Active Flyers” (or something), a league table of members that have flown in the most locations on Drone Scene. It could get competitive though, proof may be required at some point :smiley:

There could even be a badge or two in it :wink:

Let us know your thoughts!


Noise is good. Its a reminder of places to fly :+1:

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Sounds good. And maybe one showing people who have added the most locations? :wink:


Nice addition!

We’ve got the Pin Seeker badges that give some insight to that number:




But yes, I agree, league table would be great :smiley:

Some ad-hoc stats for you all…

Top five members that have flown in the most locations:

(and @TheFatController @john768 @ensignvorik all tied for 6th)

And in terms of the most popular locations so far:


Nice stats Rich :+1:

Nice feature suggestion Karl :smiley:

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Not quite sure where I should post this so here seems logical to me but it’s more of a general forum question rather than a drone scene question but it’s relating to the new drone scene specific category on the forum.

Is it possible to watch a whole category so that I would get a notification of a new topic within the category? As I’d like to keep upto date with things on drone scene but now it’s been moved from a thread that I was watching previously to a category I don’t get notifications when a new topic is posted about drone scene?

I hope that makes sense :+1:t2:

Yes mate, if you go to the top of any category then hit the bell icon you can choose “watching” from there.

Might get a bit noisy though :slight_smile:

Try it, see how it goes :+1:t2:

Awesome thanks Rich :ok_hand:t2:

The Watching 1st post should keep the noise down, I’m assuming it will only give me a notification for the first initial post of a new topic and not the subsequent replies :ok_hand:t2:

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Yes indeed :slight_smile:

I’ve never been a fan of league tables - just a personal thing really as it just seems to be something that excludes - and I say that as someone that is in that table already.

If there are badges, then that doesn’t make any difference to me other than as a recognition that I’ve contributed something o this place. That was my main driver for contributing my flying places to help others as the tool only benefits if more of us do that.

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‘Most popular locations’ and ‘Most active fliers’ would be good to see, just from the point of view of providing the information. I’d suggest leaving it at that, though; Drone Scene is a great tool for finding locations and doesn’t need to be competitive as we have plenty of other challenges to keep us going. I think a full league table might possibly lead to locations being posted just to boost someone’s numbers rather than being ‘good’ locations to fly. On the other hand it might encourage people who wouldn’t normally post to go out and find locations, so who knows? :thinking:


Exciting stuff. Will have to get out flying more haha.

Defo up for a league table, popular locations, and all that.

Just an idea, what about a ‘plan to fly date’. As this would allow meetups.

Example, if I plan to fly next Saturday at my local ‘Barbury Castle’, it will let others know this in advance - who in turn may decide ‘hey, I can make that’. It also may be advantageous to those just starting off, i.e. for those with more experience to shadow them whilst they gain the ropes.

Just an idea. Maybe it’s pants. Not sure yet :thinking: