Drone Scene map - Adding a location

How can I add a flight location on the dronescene map?

Or, on mobile, menu button at top right then add location …


I am using a computer.

Then the first image. Also make sure you’ve logged into DS.

Hi really pleased I found the club but can you explain how I add items / locations /images to the where to fly your drone map. I have managed to upload an image but it didn’t link to the map


Hi @grandad1950 Welcome to the club. If you have only just joined, you can not add to the map. Once you have visited the web site more, and read some topics, replied to things etc. you will be able to. I couldn’t work it out either to start with, but as the group gain “trust” in you more things become available to you.
I’m quite new to the group so I may be wrong, but that’s how it seems to work.
Hope this helps.

thanks OldGit62 I had better start reading more

Hello @grandad1950

This question was asked only yesterday by another member so we’ve merged your post in to this one.

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