Drone Scene unable to precisely locate me

Has anyone or is anyone having location issues with Drone Scene. The last few times I’ve used it my location is off by anything from 1 to 5+ miles.
No matter how many times I shut down and reload. All other apps know my precise location.
The other day Drone Scene found my precise location 24hrs after I’d been there and left!!

Thanks in advance…

I’m going to need a bit more to go on :blush:

What operating system, what device, what browser?

And do you mean when you click on the “Zoom to my location” icon?

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean by that at all. Can you explain this part in some more detail please?

Hiya. It’s a Samsung s20+ all updated to latest firmware etc.
All was working fine, I only noticed it was off when I went to my friends farm to video some tractor work he was doing. We stopped over at the farm.
The day I arrived I was trying check and for some reason it was showing me as still at home (30miles away) and the following day when I had gone back home it then showed me as being at the farm…

Drone assist using altitude angle using this same samsung finds my location straight away…

Hope that makes it a little clearer.

Sorry, yes when I click on zoom to location

That will be an issue with your phone updating the location.

Try running Google Maps beforehand, and check that that is showing a correct location?

I was just about to reply saying that I’ve just gone onto drone scene again and low and behold it’s accurate now… Went back on straight after opening Altitude Angle…

Sorry for bothering you all and possibly wasting ya time…

But spose its a bit of advice if it happens to someone else…

Thanks again guys…

Yeah - Drone Scene only asks your phone where it thinks it is.

Check that your browser, and the website, has full/highest location access rights. If, at some time, you’ve accidentally denied them location access rights, then this won’t help and may prevent the GPS being fired up/refreshed at a new location … so it will only know the last loction.

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