Drone Scene Updates - April 2022

A new version of Drone Scene has been released :tada:

(Missed the November update? Take a look here!)

What’s new in the April update? :thinking:

Read on!

New Features

  • None :confused: :cry: :pensive:

UI / UX Changes:

  • Improved the brightness of the text used in the Drop Down Lists in Dark Mode
    – Requested by @macspite

  • The Add Location and Flight Reports pages did not filter out the Altitude Angel’s crazy solar panel mayhem

  • Address / LatLng searches are now capped to 20 characters
    ESRI don’t return any results if you paste long co-ordinates in to the search box
    – We now cap your search to 20chrs so you will at least get something back
    – Reported by @firstadekit and @OzoneVibe

  • Turn on the Locations layer when applying a filter
    – If you had the Location layer turned off (I mean, why would you though?!) and applied a Location filter (eg. show all locations in North West) the map would be blank
    — But rightly so, because you turned off the Locations layer :man_facepalming:t2:
    – If you apply a filter we now turn the Locations layer back on for you :+1:t2:

Bug Fixes

  • The letter ‘m’ was missing from opengraph / onebox previews of the 400ft page

  • Clicking on the coordinates of a Location did not find the address on iOS devices

  • Using non-UTF-8 characters in the “details” box of the Add Location page caused it to fall over
    — Reported by @clinkadink

  • Prevent people from using a Kuula Collection URL when adding a Location
    – Please only use a regular Kuula Share URL

Other Random Stuff

  • Added Autel Evo Nano and Autel Evo Lite models to Good 2 Go

  • Updated the Insurance Comparison Chart

  • Add a Last Checked column to the Insurance Comparison Chart
    – So you can see how current the prices are for each provider
    We’re still looking for volunteers to check these once a month for us please!

As ever, please continue to enjoy Drone Scene and please keep those feature requests coming!


Thank you, much easier to read! :sunglasses: :+1:

Volunteer found! :slight_smile:




Struggling to add a Fly location with a marker, photo and narrative etc in Drone Scene. Looked in the Catagories etc for a helpful thread but not found one yet? Is there an instructional post or video to assist? :hugs:

Just click the “Add location” button at the top of the page and fill in the form.

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Just tested - all working OK.

@OzoneVibe Ta…used the Cat menu to go to Drone Scene. Clicked on add location and moved the pointer to where i wanted then what? I long pressed and it came up with share options but non made sense to me :thinking: Started again and the only form I could access was the where to fly form? Clearly I’m missing something (grey matter maybe :upside_down_face:).

The form is below the map.

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@OzoneVibe Whoohoo :partying_face: cheers Dave. I did not scroll down far enough. Like you said it is straight fwd when you know how. My 1st location added thanks to you. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: Cheers again!