Drone Scene Updates - November 2022

A new version of Drone Scene has been released :tada:

(Missed the April update? Take a look here!)

What’s new in the November update? :thinking:

Read on!

New Features :partying_face:

  • None, sorry :confused: :cry: :pensive:

UI / UX Changes :desktop_computer:

  • Made the details box a required field
    – When adding a new location to the map you are now required to provide some useful details about the place you’re adding :memo:

  • Existing location markers are now displayed when adding a new location
    – We were getting waaaaayyyy too many duplicate locations being added to the map
    – A lot of this was due to the existing locations being removed from the map when you add a new one
    – The existing location markers are now displayed on the map when you add a new location
    – Please don’t add the location if it’s already there :blush:

Bug Fixes :beetle:

  • The forum was following Good 2 Go and other Share links
    – When you share your G2G results, or when you create a custom share from the map with various layers turned on/off, the forum should provide a nice “Onebox” preview for people to see
    – It turns out that when we implemented a bunch of Cloudflare solutions recently the forum decided to stop building a dynamic preview and instead started following your G2G results to the end result page :man_facepalming:t2:

  • Uploaded images were getting lost if you missed a Required Field
    Reported by @jon1
    – When you add a new location and upload a picture, if you missed one of the “required fields” on the form your image would get lost and you’d also lose the upload option
    – This meant you got stuck in a very frustrating and never-ending loop :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

  • Farnborough CTR did not disappear when turning off Class D airspace layer
    Reported by @notascooby
    – This bug was caused by the data for the Farnborough CTR being split in two and named as “LONDON FARNBOROUGH CTR 1” and “LONDON FARNBOROUGH CTR 2”
    – It was very much confusing our filters :crazy_face:

Other Random Stuff :palm_tree:

  • Improved homepage loading speed / performance
    – We now have over 2,000 location markers on the map which was having a negative impact on performance and DS could often take 5+ seconds to load for the first time
    – Lots of work done under the hood to try and reduce that loading time :running_man:t2:

  • Added the “DJI Mavic 3 Classic” to Good 2 Go

We hope you find this level of update / detail / release notes useful.

As ever, please continue to enjoy Drone Scene and please keep those feature requests coming!


Ah, but did you add it as a C1 until the rules change in January?

Thank you for all the time, hard work and effort that you put into this most useful tool @PingSpike it is very much appreciated :+1:t2:

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Cheers Deano :blush: