Drone Simulators HS100

Hi All,
I fly the HS100 and was wondering if there is any simulator software out there that would work with the HS100 controller? I am going to try and fly for at least 45 minutes a day for 30 days but with limited places to fly around the New Forest, I would also like to try out a simulator.
Any help appreciated.

Can you plug the controller into your computer? If not then I think that’s a nope.

The drone controller has a USB cable and can be plugged in. I can’t find any specific simulator software for HS100 but there may be a generic one floating around.

Well if it connects to the computer ok then it should work with things like liftoff, fpvfreerider, velocidrone…

But none of those are really aimed at photography flying…

Curious about those numbers…

Are you being sponsored or something? :thinking:

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Time rich!! :wink:


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I’ve used Heli-X in the past for helicopter simulation. It has a small range of drones - see list including DJI 450, 550 and Phantom but no HS100

Can’t help you with that one but if anyone stumbles across one suitable for the Mavic Air Please Please do let me know