Drone stops play at Southampton v Villa

The players were rushed of the pitch :scream: FFS


I’m in London! #pheeeew

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Biggest bit of action in that game


Thought the bird was going to take it down

Even though St Mary’s is just outside the Southampton FRZ, I would have thought the dodgy DJI maps would have a restriction on the area. That’s if it was even a DJI drone?

DH :+1:

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St Mary’s Stadium is in a “Authorisation Zone” on DJI GEO.

  • Authorisation Zones
    • In these zones, which appear blue, DJI users will be prompted with a warning and flight is prevented by default. Authorisation Zones may be unlocked by authorized users using a DJI verified account.

Two extra clicks before taking off, no DJI intervention required here.

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Ive flown from inside Northampton stadium for an organized event was told by the owners they’d grant me permission but other owners had tried and couldnt take off from inside, yet using my DJI account i was able to unlock and fly out and back in again. Was told later afterwards that the stadium has a blue zone over its entirety to stop illegal betting, bit like the drones used for the horse racing.


Was anything illegal here? (asking for a friend :wink: )

Hard to tell, but the drone isn’t above the Stadium - so how close does it have to be so that it is actually above a crowd?

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It’s difficult to be certain but that looks like a larger (i.e. over 250g) drone to me, so would likely be breaking a few rules. I could well be wrong though - I’m trying to use a passing seagull for scale!

Certainly looks DJI’sh

Mini 2ish

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What is it?
sky sports highlights.

It is a Mini 2 then by the look of it. I’ll get me coat!

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I agree thats what it looks like but what other DJI’s look like that? The reason I ask is because (unless there were 2) I saw it over the stadium and it looked 5 times the size when I saw it much more akin with what the police would use at an event like this only it was confirmed to not be theirs or the TV company use. I’m so convinced that I believe it wasn’t just one if that is indeed a mini 2.

He’s an idiot whoever made that flight, hope he gets what he deserves.

At least one thing, the article didn’t really blow the story out of proportion. Normally you get a healthy dose of sensationalism with the Daily Star, or any daily rag while reporting on rogue dickhead drone pilots, but they explained what happened and the reasons behind the actions taken in that situation. Job done.

With a link to the buxom young lady on page 7 ;o)

Even sub250 that crowd would count as an assembly

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Apparently that You Tube nob Ally Law was behind it. Could be just riding on the back of the publicity. :man_shrugging:

It don’t look like the same drone to me in the above images.