Drone subscription magazine

Which is the best/most useful drone magazine to buy please?

Are there any drone magazines still being printed? :thinking:

Why buy,



Yep think Droneuser the only one fully devoted to Drones. There is one other in the UK at around £5 but its only partially drones and really I cannot recommend it., There are of course US mags and Oz mags on drones…at an annual subscription.

Many thanks for the reply

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I spent qute a bit of time checking this question out and Google has a lot mentioned but most are now defunct or there are digital ones (not keen on that style) . The UK mag I would not recommend has Drone mentioned in the title, I bought it…the whole Drone section section was devoted to individual DJI models…which to me seemed a big free advert and certainly the rest of the magazine was not worth the money.

Thanks airac