Drone to Home charity

I did a search but this didn’t come up so I thought I’d mention a very positive story at the top of today’s local East Midlands BBC news at lunchtime.

I’m sure many will be familiar with them as they have been around for three years according to the item, although I hadn’t heard of them before.

A retired police office and Nottingham based drone hobbyist located a missing dog and repeated requests for help has eventually turned into a registered charity. Linky to their website:


I have no connection with them but it was good to see a positive story about drones, for a change.

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yea but if you hear the stories how he wont have anyone else help him, he is rude to people that want to help, he misinforms dog wardens etc and wont really work with them and says he saw the dog here or there but the dog wardens has the dog etc, he is vile to members of drone SAR, it might be a charity but he aint a trustee only some of his family are so he can get a wage from it, its all smoke and mirrors. trust me theres many reports about him flying around , YOU only need to ask graham burton from droen SAR for lost dogs.

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@DroneSAR any comment ?

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Wouldn’t touch the man with a barge pole. Even all the local missing dog groups and even the dog wardens will have nothing to do with him, Drone SAR has been going for six years and has a membership of over 72,000 we also cover the whole of the uk and do it all totally for free.


How does one get involved in Drone SAR

Seems to be Facebook based and I dont do FB. :woozy_face:

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Just set up an FB account just for Drone SAR

Hmmm. I wasn’t expecting that! As the sub-heading for this thread reads: “Seen a news story about drones or the industry in general that’s worth sharing? Post it in here.” I thought it was worth sharing since I hadn’t heard of this “charity” and my local mid-day news gave it top billing. With hindsight, after looking at their website, it has existed for a while and received charity status last year so I did wonder why it made news now, other than someone was singing their praises after their granny who was looking after the dog, lost it!

As I said, I have no connection with Drone to Home, and following the latest posts here I’m unlikely to either.

As a newby here I had hoped to contribute to the forum which seems to have back-fired, but it was the seemingly positive news item about drones that stood out. Hey Ho, live and learn.

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Not at all, what you shared was valuable information and got a conversation going :+1:t2:


Agreed @Sparkyws :+1:t2:

Please don’t let this put you off @bonneville - none of the feedback here is aimed at you personally :smiley:

As Wayne said, this is a discussion forum to discuss things - and people are discussing those things :blush:


Thanks @PingSpike & @Sparkyws. I was feeling like a messenger stood in front of Alec Baldwin :gun:


Kind of a non-story in a way as Dog SAR is so common. Also the drone component, from my own experience with a local SAR group isn’t often the main cause of finding a lost dog - ground search is.

Moved this to the existing thread from last week Rob, where the feedback has been interesting to say the least.

Thanks. I did a search before posting but obviously used wrong search terms :slight_smile:

Not sure if this has been posted somewhere before, but today there was a questionnaire for anyone who would be interested in joining up to the Drone to Home charity who specialise in tracking lost dogs etc and reuniting them with their owners.

Thought I would post the link in case anyone fancied joining.


AHHH, after reading the above posts that I had not seen before posting, maybe I shouldn’t have filled the form in if the feedback is anything to go on. Thought it was going to be a positive thing, maybe not. :thinking:

yea he doesnt play with others, ive tried offering him help and then he goes we dont use other pilots “not insured etc bollocks” plus he not a charity if he gets a wage, and drives around without MOTT for 6 weeks begs for donations etc berates others in posts any negativity he deletes etc. he seems to take others credit as his own or provides false info when dog wardens have a dog in tthere care. he not to be trusted tbh.

Hi Steve - if you’re interested in getting involved in SAR flights have a look at Drone SAR for Lost Dogs on Facebook. Used to fly for them myself but when Missing Dogs Team Wales started up 4 years ago - I signed up with them as they were more local to me. Graham Burton - founder of Drone SAR - is a straight up guy with a damn good organisation :+1::+1::+1:


Yeah, it wasn’t till I read your reply that I realised I may have made a bad choice. It seemed a good thing to sign up to, but no good if you don’t get either treated right or included in any searches.

How are you doing? Not seen you since the Nettleham Drone day.

Hi, Thanks for that, have now joined on FB. I don’t have thermal cameras but I can still scan the areas with the mini3.