Drone Tweaks Modification to enable FCC / AirSense Mode

Came across Drone Tweaks yesterday who seem to do a FCC mode for both Android and IOS for €24

Maybe an option if you do not want to hack your bird and just ant FCC mode. You can also use more than one drone as long as they use the same app on your phone - say DJI Fly

If you have the Air 2 and have the correct model - model number must end in 3W and not 1N - they have a app to unlock airsense as well.

They modify the app and so you will fly with their app rather than DJIs hence why there is no limit to the drones.


Yes, I’ve had it for roughly a month now. It works great.

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I see that a GADC discount has now been added here

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It has indeed!

Sorry, couldn’t mention anything before now as talks were ongoing :blush:

Let us know if you take advantage of the GADC members discount and how you get on with the new found power levers :smiley:

Purchased yesterday afternoon! So just missed this.

Had an issue with them not sending me the confirmation and their ‘receipt’ says stuff is attached when it wasn’t and the link to info goes to wix!

Hopefully the modification is better.

Just bought it, got the instructions straight away they contain link to the app download which worked fine, two versions stable and beta.
Will install and try it later :smiley:

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Hope you were able to take advantage of our discount Steve :smiley:

Oh yes Rich

Been playing with this for a few days now.
The stable (1120) version would not work, app was slow to start and FCC mode not active.
So last night I un-installed it and loaded the beta version (1185) which does work, confirmed by the position of the 1km text in the transmission tab. I restarted a few times and worked each time so think I’m good to go.
I’ll do some flying tests when weather improves

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Flew today briefly, got 3Km out without loosing a single bar.
Area was relatively ‘housing free’
Will test more in know ‘troublesome areas’ asap
But so far I’m pleased :+1:


What good eyes you have grandma :wink:

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Android version now updated to 1.5.4

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For FCC mods this has to be the best option available right now.

You can run the very latest firmware on any model drone and the app is updated with 24hrs of DJI publishing a new one :bowing_man:t2:

Been flying the Mavic 3 for a week or two now just local within VLOS of course, but at the bottom of my garden we have a row of 5 HUGE Maple Trees that are very old & tower well above everything in this area, they cause us no end of hassle every autumn with tens of 1000’s of leaves falling into the garden for a few months, we often say now that if we only knew in advance the hassle & mess they cause from birds/squirrels etc and the drop of leaves, then we probably would have chosen a different house, anyway I digress, back to the subject, I tried using the Spotlight feature on my Mavic 3 yesterday & when this orbits my position in the garden for a few hundred feet radius it looks great, but as soon as the drone gets behind the trees ( of which I can still see the drone through the obscured branches, the signal drops massively & I have to keep the controller above head height to maintain a connection, as soon as the drone comes around the tree line it is full strength again.
So I have last night via DroneTweaks applied the FCC hack to enable full output between the drone & controller ( not the RC Pro unfortunately ) so I will update as to the difference it makes next time I’m off work to repeat the Spotlight Test, just wondering if anyone else has done the hack yet, it’s just a patched latest version of DJI Fly that installs on the phone that then connects to the STD controller of the Mavic 3.


Run it a few times.

Seems to have no issues.

Of course, not running the two side by side it is hard to tell what difference.

But no complaints from me.

Installed here on old iPhone 7 Plus this evening for the Mini 2. No issues and FCC is enabled.
Just so everyone knows the cost is for a 12 month license. After 12 months the license expires and you need to pay again.

From my understanding it’s free app updates for a year, so after a year if DJI fly app is updated you can’t use that update but the older ones will still work

After 12 months the licence to use the programme expires. During the life of the licence you get free updates. To be able to continue with the application you need to renew the licence.

Is this really worth it for the mini2? I am seriously considering it as its only £24, slightly less with the GASC discount. But what else does it do apart from enable fcc mode?