Drone Tweaks Modification to enable FCC / AirSense Mode

Ive spoken to Florin.

The latest version is incompatible with Snapdragon phones (Samsung Ultra23) for now at least.

Currently there’s an incompatibility between the framework he is using and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1/2 CPU. It is being worked on but I don’t know when they will finish it.

Just watched this vid which claims he’s running the Drone Tweaks FCC hack on his DJI Air 3 with his RC-N1 controller.

Will have to wait a while (and then some) until Sincoder sorts the FCC hack for the RC 2.


Yeah @florin.a confirmed last week

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I think I’ve got it installed and working…


@Bilbo Take it outside to get GPS signal and update the home point, only then it will switch to FCC

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@florin.a Thank you - all good - thank you for your advice and the app. :+1:


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CONFIRMED, the drone-tweaks app removes the 120m limit imposed in the EU on Mini 4 Pro.

No need to throw away your C0 label 👍

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Confirming the mod on my RC-N1 has succeeded:




Although this is not yet “the holy grail” of installing the drone-tweaks app directly on the RC, it is a very nice step forward for people using the DJI RC, RC2 or RC Pro.

So, in a nutshell, the same drone-tweaks app used with the standard controllers can also be used to switch the smart controllers into FCC mode, following a simple procedure. Basically, all you need to do is to activate quick transfer from the FCC app while the RC/RC2/RC Pro is connected to the drone and the drone has already acquired GPS and updated the home point and this will switch the drone and controller into FCC mode.

This has been tested on DJI RC, DJI RC2 and DJI RC Pro, all on latest firmwares. Please keep in mind that, given the nature of this method, where the phone doesn’t remain connected to the controller, I would recommend exercising extra care when updating firmware on both drone and controller.

Again, this is done with the same drone-tweaks FCC app you guys already know so, if you already have a drone-tweaks license, you don’t need to purchase anything else to get this done.

There are two small downsides to this:

• the procedure, although short (~15s), must be done before each flight

• if the connection between drone and RC is completely lost (the moment when the screen turns black&white and there is no video or telemetry coming from the drone), the mode will switch back to CE.

I created two videos, for iOS and Android, showing how this is done. Have fun :slight_smile:



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is the Drone Tweaks Modification now running with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra?

Thank you from Germany

@florin.a is the best person to ask :+1:

I’d assume that if the official DJI Fly app works on a particular Android device that the Drone Tweaks version would also work?

No it seems not, some devices are not supported but I don’t know why

Maybe @florin.a can answer

Yes but not on Android 14 yet.

Not necessarily. The part that I am adding to the app must also be compatible. At the moment, the only major issues are for Android 14, which is my current top priority.


Good to know, thanks!

Hi, I have a Mini3 Pro which I purchased with the RC controller, I recently bought the Android version of Drone Tweaks for a spare Samsung S10 mobile. I wanted to use the Quick Transfer function to enable FCC on the RC. This works well but has to be done everytime you restart either the drone or controller. I had the opportunity to buy a used N1 so I thought I would like to use the N1 with the Done Tweaks Fly App on the Samsung. It’s exceeded my expectations and two additional benefits over the RC;
1 Live maps without having to hotspot
2 The handing is far better with the sticks below the screen, it makes you realise how much of the RC screen sides you cover with your hands. It also gives you a far better viewing angle, I found by comparison I was tending to look down at the RC screen. Interested in other members experiences.

Said many times.

Hi new here simple question, i bought a dji 3 mini(not pro) with dji rc (with screen) no research in advance i updated everything on prompts and apparently now wont be able to permanently enable fcc with firmware.
I only need to use fcc as its basically unusable in ce mode given wifi interference nearby.
So question is will the drone tweaks app allow me to switch to fcc before a flight as in videos or is as i imagine any form of fcc enabling in ce now off the table due to my stupidity in fully updating both controller and drone before i even fly :sob: