Drones 4 Wars

Maybe we should stop buying DJI Drones :scream:

Invasion of privacy?

Invasion of privacy, Karen?

Yoiu ain’t seen nothing yet, Karen …

Pretty reasonably priced if you ask me.

Think I’ll take one at £105 a month … :sunglasses:

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Love the sellers name :o)

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Can you have Care Refresh on them? At least you’ll save on batteries.

I suspect some clever photoshop work here :joy:

The footage is very PlayStation and I can’t find it on eBay. Is this a wind up or a new computer game. DJI did sell a few drones to Ukraine, around 400 i think the report said, they used them to spot Russian hideouts. DJI halted the sales when they found out what they were using them for. Obviouly far too many claims DJI refresh.