Drones are scared of dogs

Sorry if I can’t link to facebook but this tickled me.

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A Jack Russel jumped and caught my Tello in its mouth as I was bringing it into land one time, the owner’s were terribly apopogetic. He dropped pretty quickly and no damage done to dog or drone, just one or two props came off.

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Ah but what if they are dog friendly drones… :rofl::rofl:

I was flying last week, from a roadside but across farmland, towards High Cup Nick in the Pennines. There’s a no fly zone nearby but I managed to avoid it. Someone arrived in a 4x4 - I thought she was the farmer come to tell me off but she was a dog walker and came to chat about the weather etc and the converation naturally turned to drones. The drone was on RTH so when it was quite close I stopped it and left it hovering, keeping a nervous eye on the battery level. I reasured her I wouldn’t land while her dog was there but she said not to worry - she sees a lot of farm dogs riding around on the back of quadbikes and if they’re not scared of that noise, they can’t possibly be scared of a drone. She left before I landed but this discussion makes me feel quite relieved I stayed in the air - I could have done without the dog catching it and running off with it!
Thinking of curious animals, though, can large birds (seagulls, corvids etc) crash a drone by attacking it?

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Yes apparently large birds can. I have never seen it happen though here in the UK

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Turning off your sensors helps.


My mates Bulldog deffo don’t like them, my Cocker isn’t fussed (although he’s been brought up around me flying it)

Also a bit of bird chasing in the little clip below from a couple of years ago

I think it was a “How does it help?”

Birds are Aggravated by the ultrasonic sensors.


Didnt think birds would be affected by that. It’s in the same range as radar.

Have to say, since being told of that, I now fly with sensors off (when birds are present) and just to say, they more or less ignore the drone.
So, it maybe something they don’t like?.


I never have sensors on - and they don’t keep away.


Razor blade props could be beneficial.