Drones for Ukraine

Does anynone know of a retailer that will allow me to bulk buy DJI drones for Ukraine? I have tried a couple of dealers in the UK but they are reluctant to sell to me because they will be used in a warzone.

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How did you get your previous drones to Ukraine?

Can you buy online and have them shipped to your house, then sort the delivery overseas yourself?

We took them out in lorries full of humanitarian aid. The most l took was four. One Matrice and four Mavics. I have just been asked if l can get eleven Matrice 300 and twenty two Mavic 3 fly more combos. The online order looks like the only way I’ll get round the issue.

Speak to Chris at https://www.leicesterdrones.com/

I am slightly puzzled. Why does the dealer need to know what you want them for ?

If you need to say anything, “Localised Geographic Terrain Survey” would be honest and accurate.

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“What do you want them for?”

Christmas presents for my employees’ children … :santa:

If only. Ha Ha

Thanks. I’ll try him.

If I’m asked again I’ll use that reason. Thanks for you advice.

It’s none of their business, do they want an easy sale or not :person_shrugging:t2:

That’s what l would have thought. Probably around £150,000. Their loss my friend.

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With the quantities you mention further down the thread, you should be speaking to the importer, not a retailer.

Your problem might be convincing whoever sells them to you that they’re for Ukraine, and not Russia. What’s the reason you’re not enlisting the help of the Ukrainian Embassy, the MoD and the foreign office?

Thanks for your reply.

How do l go about finding who imports them? I know for a fact that DJI have said they will not sell to anyone involved in the Ukraine Russsia war anymore. I’ve not even cosidered the MOD or foreign office as I have only bought and transported six drones up to now.

This request is a lot bigger so that’s where the issue has come in.

I just tried ordering direct from DJI.com

It let me put 50x Mavic 3 drones in the basket and checkout at £76k.


You could also try DroneSafeStore.com - there have been quite a few callouts for spare drones in their closed DSR Facebook group so they might be amenable to organising a bulk order?

Brilliant! Ill try that.

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I will have a look thanks. As it stands I’m attending their open day this Sunday so l might be able to test the waters.

Yep, Ukrainian Defence Attache Office in London would be the best port of call. :+1:


I’m just waiting for a reply from my contact on pricing before l proceed further. If l get any more issues I’ll take all the advice and hopefully be able to buy what’s needed. Thanks.

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1 Matrice and 4 Mavics is a total of 5, not the 4 you state as the most you sent. Yet further down the thread you state 6 is the most you’ve sent. Some inconsistencies there. As I said in a previous comment - your problem would be convincing people they’re for Ukraine - and not Russia.

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