Drones without propellers!


Interesting concept design of a drone without propellers being developed. Makes a change that being built with as much foe a hobbies market rather than for the higher end professionals.

Dyson will be making drones next :rofl:

if dyson make drone will they be able to hoover the carpet as well:rofl:

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Is it me or does this look like 4 Dyson glued together :thinking:


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Looks like 4.
3 of the old dyson circular fans and 1 of the newer ones.

I think there is a reason all these ducted fan/venturi designs are only concepts or prototypes.
The amount of energy expended to provide enough airflow over an area that size would give extremely short flight times if it ever got off the ground to start with.

The impeller fan one in original post is pretty cool though, not seen that one before.

My thoughts too, also the vectoring will be more complex thinking of the “Harrier Jump Jet” interesting concept though.

I get most of the tech comments but the original one does look very cool -“boys and their toys “ :rofl::rofl:

Every one to there own cant say its the sort of thing if i went in a model shop and saw i would have to walk out with it

Whatever you do, don’t use one of those Dyson urinals that are in the loos now, it goes everywhere!


LOL :rofl:

Great first post @ash2020, welcome to Grey Arrows mate :smiley:

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Thanks, I’m enjoying being here. Cheers.