Droning tonight, Hoo, Kent

I’m off out with my MPro tonight, possibly the boat graveyard at Hoo.
Round about 7 if anyone else want to join me.

hoo wheres who?

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That was also my very next question :smiley:


Btw @Maxpower - welcome to Grey Arrows, Dave mate :smiley:

Hoo in Medway.
Who, myself, DJ Steel and BobF.
With all this fine weather it was quite chilly this evening especially with the wind coming off the River Medway.

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Had to Google Hoo.

Looks like a brilliant place to fly.

It’s a great place to fly and I intend to go back soon!! I’m up for a meet up sometime as well.


Looks great JayForceOne where about was it shot? Is it easy to get to and park up, I’d like to have a go over the location.

The dark clouds bring a nice feel to the boat graveyard.

All the best

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I wish I had something like that around here I would be flying all over it like a rash! :slight_smile: Nicely shot :+1:


It’s at Hoo St. Werborough in Kent. Very easy to get to parking and parking is virtually next to it.

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It was very windy the other evening, but my MavicPro and also my mates Spark performed really well.
Especially the Spark in conditions that were not ideal for it, as there has been questions as to how well it handles in wind.

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Spark seems to be quite a capable little drone. Might pick one up at some point if the price is right.

Great vid mate, really enjoyed watching it.

Beautiful work

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