Dropping something from a drone

I thought you were not allowed to drop something from a drone. Are you? Or not. This is from the CAA…

Depends on the design and purpose. It’s allowed for agriculture as an example

Or near prisons

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Ok. I thought it was a blanket ban.

The wonderful of CAP722

Here we go a little knowledge …name dropper


I’ve paid good money to drop it!


Looks like action man’s 400 ft drop is on !!:grinning::grinning:

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Next challenge? With parachute? Union Jack of course.


It’s the legal speak. That doesn’t say you are not allowed to drop anything, it says, ‘you are not allowed to endanger anyone or anything with your drone, including by things that you drop from it”

So dropping something from your drone in a place near the public that could endanger someone is not allowed, whereas dropping an item over a field where you know no one is around is ok.

Be a good challenge - Drop an action man onto a launch mat. Closest wins. You guys with the controllable gimbals could watch it go down.

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So can we drop soft squishy brown jobs on people that confront us ?


That would make a brilliant competition at a club meet! (over private land of course)

Karl, you’ve seen this from @SKY808 I take it??

Genius :smiley:

Nice. Not seen it before. Gunna have to rig something up for Rockingham.
I haven’t got an action man anymore. I’ll find something else…

Seen a few vids where they do that, plus parachute!

Be great if you guys could do an Action Man precision stunt too. I have 2500 Facebook followers on ActionManHQ and a large reach too - Post results / film here!


Its still my intent to drop a flag or 14 on my mates house if City win the league.
Looking on amazon, the only release mechanisms i can see are from china.
does anybody know of anything in the UK, maybe a shop that specialises in accessories etc.


I looked for my drone, but just going to rig up a simple mechanism that drops something with a quick yaw spin.

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I put £5 on Liverpool winning the league at the start of the season. Luckily I did it each way.

I used a metal L shaped gate latch receiver (what ever that part is called) held to drone with two elastic bands. hung fishing line loop from this. If I rocked drone or turned into wind parachute and Action Man would slip off.