Durdle Door - Added to Coastal Scenery in South West

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene:

Land owner permission requirements unknown.

Durdle Door is one of Dorset’s most photographed and iconic landmarks. It is part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and is an extremely popular beauty spot.

It is located on the Lulworth Estate in south Dorset and is part of the Jurassic Coast. The coastline is of such international geological importance that it was designated England’s first natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001 and is now part of a family of natural wonders including America’s Grand Canyon and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The magnificent natural limestone arch was formed when the power of the waves eroded the rock and forged a hole through the middle. The name Durdle is derived from an old English word ‘thirl’, which means to pierce, bore or drill.

As you look towards the sea, you will see Durdle Door beach on your right. Access to the pebble and shingle beach is on foot via a path and steps over the hill from Lulworth Cove or down from the Car Park (charges apply) which is located on the cliff top at Durdle Door Holiday Park. There is a coach drop-off point at the car park, and coach parking is at Lulworth Cove.

Postcode for Sat Nav is BH20 5RQ.

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Was at Durdle Door today. They have put up a sign banning drones explicitly. In fact the entire Lulworth estate has banned drones :frowning:

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I see video / Instagram from drones flying there nearly every week. :wink:

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Welcome to Grey Arrows @ankz :smiley:

I’m not familiar with the place, but surely there must be some public location nearby that you can take off from and then fly over?

Lulworth estate owns the coast for a couple of miles to the west and a mile to the east (Arish Mell to Whitenothe) … and a couple of miles inland.

The inland limit a tad estimate - but not out by much. (I added a bit in the east … I’d left out their castle. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Their estate includes Lulworth Cove - you’ve doubtless head of - too … to the east of DD.


I should have taken a photo of the sign - only two activities have been prohibited. Barbecuing and drone flying!

I am so frustrated. I own a drone and I have nowhere to fly it.

All national trust properties seem to be off limits. Most parks in london are off limits.

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You can take off from the beach, as long as it is from below the high water mark. The area of land below high water is owned by the crown throughout the UK and as long as there are no specific by-laws, you have permission from the landowner…



I almost posted the same … but wasn’t 100% certain.
Mind you - Durdle Door beach is usually coarse shingle stacked at about 30 degrees. You’d have to excavate a little platform first. Worth it, tho. :+1:

Useful link, too! Thanks! Especially the specific inclusion of Drone/UAV in the overall permission.


Frankly it all sounds confusing to me, and doesn’t seem to guarantee I won’t end up in trouble: the Crown Estate only states that they “grant permission for unmanned aerial devices flights OVER Crown Estate foreshore” which doesn’t necessarily imply that I can simply take off from there and then fly anywhere I want outside of the Crown Estate area (within the boundaries of UK regulation).
The Lulworth Estate website clearly says that “no drone flying is permitted anywhere on the Lulworth Estate, Lulworth Cove or Durdle Door, without permission”, and the Crown Estate area is quite narrow and fragmented anyway: [Imgur: The magic of the Internet](Crown Estate area around the Durdle Door)… So perhaps it’s only really safe to take off vertically, do a 360 from up above my head and then return straightaway?


You do not need permission to flyover their land, they have no right to stop you as they do not own the sky. As long as you have permission to take off and land and you are not breaking by-laws or entering no fly zones, you can overfly without landowner consent. The only issue comes when you need to retrieve a drone from private land should you have to make an emergency landing.


I was there yesterday at Durdle Door. Didn’t see a single sign banning drones. Only saw signs “No Fires and BBQs”. But I had read this forum so I left my drone in the car boot. Feel like a fool now.

Last comment on the thread said it all.

They dont own the sky


Land owner permission REQUIRED. FYI, large no drone signs all over the place.

And very pretty they are too.

They mean nothing though

Why is that? Do you allow strangers to fly drones around your house?

He doesn’t have a choice @heyengel, he doesn’t own the airspace around his house.

What @PingSpike says

To clarify, do you allow strangers to launch and fly a drone within your property.

Thanks mate, however I was not referring to air space.

I do want to know if it’s possible to fly around Durdle Door from Lulworth property.

No, we don’t, they might crash in to the fireplace or something @heyengel

We do allow them to take off from this pink area of the map though, as it’s perfectly legal due to being Foreshore and Estuary:

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