Durdle Door

Yesterday at Durdle Door. Beautiful day and too many people.
Stayed until sun set and managed to use my M2P from the hill top. This pictures were taken with my Iphone because I have’t had time to review drone footage and pics.
When I was finally packing a drone user came on same spot and asked if I had finished, I said yes and he unfolded his M2P. I asked if he heard of Grey Arrows. He didn’t.
I told him to look for it and join and left him to enjoy his flight.


Nice Moreno! Can’t wait to see the footage… Did you fly through the arch??

Just be weary where you put the pictures and footage. If on YouTube, you might want to make ‘unlisted’ as you’re not permitted to use drones on the Lulworth Estate… I discovered when I left :man_facepalming:


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Great video @Lozzer.
You are definitely more daring than I am.
When we were on the beach it was way to busy to take the drone out so I waited until the end of the day and flew from the hill top and took few pics and only one video.
With regret, I did not fly though the arch as I was too far and too high up.
I only managed to shoot a point of interest of the little rocky area/island but from distance as I wasn’t sure how to deal with negative height.
I am still taking my time and too cautious maybe.
I didn’t see any signs for not using drones and while I was there I saw three Mavic flying.
Thanks for the advice on publishing anyway.
I hope to grow some balls in the near future :smiley:


If I wasn’t at eye level with VLOS to the arch, I wouldn’t have tried to do this! Very sensible not to try from the top of the cliff!


Always tempted to fly under bridges and through arches.

Couldn’t resist.


Nice! Where that?


Brilliant, just that little correction mid way through :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah, panicked a little :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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