Dymo LetraTag font size for printing Operator ID labels

For a lot of years I have used a Dymo LetraTag LT-100H which has recently been struggling to work. My font of all wisdom (the Mrs) told me to stop being a tight sod and it is time I bought a new one. So after an exhaustive couple of minutes researching what is available I opted for the Dymo LetraTag 200B. This is a stand alone bleteeth unit which works via an app, I have never been entirely satisfied with the keyboard and options on the old one and thought this would be a step in the right direction.
It arrived today and was eagerly ripped out of the packaging (I’m too impatient to do an unboxing video) and immediately went in to a frantic “what can I print” status. Then the boss said I should replace the masking tape and sharpie operator i.d. on my drone.
This is when my first dilemma occured, Dymo only list font sizes as small, medium, large etc and google could not find actual physical sizes. So I printed out letters in each size and measured them (someone had to do it) so that I could be certain that my i.d. was larger than the CAA mandated 3mm. I duly printed a label and it occured to me that I am possibly not the first person to need this info and I should share it.
Please note that the measurements were made by a sixty one year old toddler using a metal tape measure so should only be used as a guide.
Extra Small-2mm, Small-2.5mm, Medium-3mm, Large-3.5mm, Extra Large-4mm.
I have printed mine on clear plastic tape and
it just fits between the DJI logo and the front edge of the main body on my mini 4 pro.
Hopefully someone may find this useful.
Happy flying