East Midlands - Zakynthos

Back from a quick week away in Zante thought I would share my travel experience.

East Midlands 3rd time through with the drone, told security it was in the bag and asked if they wanted it separate, they said yes so I sent through in its own grey tray and no problems, however they decided to swab all the lipo bags for some unknown reason, but painless really and only held up a few minutes.

Zakynthos no issues at all, straight through in the bag, however I buzzed the hoop so had a little search and a rescan of my Birkenstocks (small metal buckle), daughters managed to get through with theirs so no idea there.

As for flying, we stayed in an all inclusive hotel in Tsivilli on the main flightpath to the airport, nothing much really of interest to see from the air, I took the drone out for a few walks but didn’t fly, the beach isn’t that pretty and the town is typical greek resort, lots of neon and tat shops.

I did take the drone on a boat trip to ‘Shipwreck Beach’ (Navagio) and although very busy there was an Italian chap flying a Spark from the back of the beach so I got the Mavic up not far from him, had to fly OPTI as it would only lock onto 5 satellites (very high cliffs). Didn’t get any hassle off anyone, not sure anyone noticed to be honest

History of the beach - Wiki link


Excellent mate, looks stunning, but struggling to see you on the beach …haha

Most people don’t realise that airports have a certain number of random searches, so the gates will buzz for search at a set rate - part of continually ensuring the gates are seen as a deterrent.

So in other words, send 10 naked people through and most likely at least one will cause the gate to require a scan - now there’s an image for you!!!

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Those body scanners are pretty impressive.

At Hamburg airport everyone is scanned and if your pulled to the side you see a generic image of a human shape with a mark where it’s picked something up.

It flagged my passport in back pocket.

Thanks for sharing the travel details @milkmanchris, and welcome back mate :smiley:

At a guess, it was because those bags are slightly padded? Ideal for concealments within the lining perhaps?

Thats me ;o)


Nice work Chris
As a rule are airport security up to speed with drones in hand luggage?
I can envisage the batteries being a cause for concern.
I watched a YouTube video regarding taking a mavic through airport security and all was fine but I would think it’s hit and miss the

HAHA class. Thanks for that