I come to you with an heavy heart as i believe i have been scammed selling my Mavic Pro
This looked very geniuine as a by now and it seams ive lost all

Please be advised

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Can you give any links? More info?

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which links would you like


I had MP for sale on ebay this person offered to buy at full cost
i had email from confirmed_tracking@consultant.com stating that the funds where being held until delivery

I tracked parcel via Royal Mail Parcel force
Now i cant get any reply from Buyer

I always thought that you get the money first then post the item. Sorry mate.

Paypal i believe hold the money untill delivery
I was wrong and been screwed over
Lot of money

But confirmed_tracking@consultant.com isn’t PayPal?


Dear Wayne Cowling,

We are in receipt of your email which included the reference number TWRG7537010GB from (POST OFFICE). We have now verified the details and the status of the shipment is known to us.

We want to bring to your notice that your PayPal account will be credited with the total sum of £680.00 GBP in the next 24hours which is 19 May 2020 2:00PM. Due to Sellers retrieving item after getting payment and also due to our server/security upgrade and we are assuring you that your fund is safe with us. Also we advise that you end the Listing on Website for assurance that item is been sold.

Note: you will receive a “CONFIRMATION EMAIL” from PayPal Team informing you that the fund has been credited to your account.

Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team

Sorry but that looks like bull. There’s always some tosser ripping someone off. What is their Ebay I’d?


Sorry to here this mate, but the grammer is pretty shit, if that’s a copy and paste?

Always log in to PayPal. Not from an email either. To check the money is there.



I cant tell you how mortified i am right now

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Gutted mate

Thats me n ebay done

Ebay is full of fuckheads, a few of us have been done on there just recently, never know what’s real on there anymore. Massive pile of :poop:


Heya matey,

This is normally with sales on Ebay, sometimes when you have not sold for awhile, they hold the money for a short period of time, but rest assured, if they have received the money from the buyer, they will pay that to you.

Don’t worry, I have had this happen to me and its pretty normal, it a security feature as there are some sellers, after getting paid, would not post the item.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I agree

Contact Ebay and explain to them what has happened


Thank you

I have emailed direct to buyer with no responce
I believe thats my holiday savings gone
Thats OK hols not apnin this year

The last time I sold something, they held my money for around a month or 20 days. but eventually I did get paid.


I can see that showing on one item i have sold
But this just states pending