Edge TX

Has anyone made the switch from open TX to Edge TX yet?

Just wondering how it’s working out before I give it a try.

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I fly a tango2 so I’m still using Freedom TX lol


Tagging in the @group-fpv has anybody made the jump yet?

I’m on Freedom TX too (TBS Mambo) no other option yet as far as I know :+1:t2:

What about your TX16S Deano? Have you tried updating that? I believe they have touchscreen support for it now :wink:

Never use it. I should probably sell it to be honest lol

I find that freedom tx is enough I have the mambo and can’t fault it. I had the tx16s and think freedom tx is better in my opinion

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Always good to have a decent backup though I guess :smiley:

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To be honest my Mambo is setup and all I do is turn it on and fly lol I doubt I would even notice if it was upgraded :laughing:

Currently still in the “not broke, so don’t fix it”* camp. :slight_smile:

*This only applies to my controller. I now have two broken quads that need fixing. :grin:

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I’ve been holding off installing EdgeTX on my TX16S until it was confirmed that the Yaapu scripts and widgets worked. Yaapu provides real-time telemetry and mapping functions when using Pixhawk/APM flight controllers. Apparently it does work so the switch to EdgeTX is now on the list of things to do.


The EdgeTX developer’s seem to be more active when it comes to bringing new and improved features like the touchscreen and widget support for the TX16Sl

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That’s what I thought. I can only see positives, unless it’s glitchy and someone has had a bad experience.

Worth it just for the touch screen functionality.


If I still used my TX16S I’d definitely be looking to upgrade to Edge TX :+1:t2:


Went to EdgeTX a few weeks ago (shortly after that JB vid). Works nice, although I wouldn’t rush to do it ASAP - the touch screen features are nice, mainly for changing models easily and setting up info screens - but otherwise not much else is different. I think the general idea is that it’s a better platform for future development going forwards.

Upgrade process wasn’t too bad - I spent a couple of hours slowing working through it whilst watching TV one evening. The most annoying issue is that all the info and telemetry screens need to be set up again. I have like 20+ models set up on my TX16S, so this took a while (and some of them are still just on a blank screen).


Sorry for the delay, only just saw your reply.

Thanks for the info, think I’ll give it a go based upon what you’ve said. I only have 2 quads set up currently and have another one on it’s way, so shouldn’t take me too long to add them again.

As you say it’s more about future development. At least this is moving forward.

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Oooh glad to find this thread. I went to 2.6 (I think or 2.5) Edge TX today. Wiped all my models and a clean install (as only had 2, no 3, well 4 but one’s lost, lol).

Anyways, everyone getting on OK with it? (Got a TX16S BTW)

I installed it on my TX16S a few weeks ago, unfortunately I reinstalled OPENTX shortly afterward.

I currently have around 80 models stored on it, many with custom LUA scripts and widgets. These custom settings didn’t translate over to EdgeTX, nor did many of the model images.

I will probably have another go at some point when I can figure out how to port my customisations over and not have to rewrite everything a new.

Ahhh cheers Nidge. You are a special case with 80 models. A very special case heh

Can’t wait to try it out though. Does seem more refined and looks more modern

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I can’t full remember but I think you’ll need to do an SD synchronisation first. Troll YouTube as I’m sure that’s where I came across it…

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