Edinburgh bridges?

Hi all.
Off to Edinburgh in the next couple of days. What are the thoughts on flying over / under / beside the three bridges. It’s outside the Airport FRZ and RPZ but I think it’s covered by a big Class D airspace. Does that mean I can’t or just fly with caution?

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I had my alarm set for 4am this morning to get up there for sunrise.

Alarm went off and I quickly changed my mind. :rofl:

Looks fine to fly Ash, most of central Scotland is class D.

My plan was to fly from here to catch the sun rise over bridges in the east.


Thanks Callum. What does Class D actually signify? It is a specific circle around the airport.
Cheers for the map, although I very much doubt I’ll be up anywhere near sunrise: I’m not that dedicated to my art :laughing:

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What about flying over or under?

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I’m not sure if its changed but restrictions in class D only applied to drones over 7Kg.

I’m bang in the middle of Prestwick and Glasgow CTR so pretty much everything is class D here.

Personally I wouldnt fly over them but that’s up to you.

What, not like this?


I have flown the three Forth bridges at Edinburgh on three occasions, each time from Port Edgar marina:

  1. flew out into the Forth about 100m, got scared, and flew back again
  2. planned a Litchi flight between the two road bridges, captured an over-exposed 8 minute 4K film - see still below
  3. showed a friend how to use the drone
    On the third occasion (only) I was approached by a uniformed security guard. He said that he had been called by the port authorities to inform me that I was not allowed to fly. I told him that there were no flight restrictions in place, and I could fly where I wanted. We decided to agree to disagree, and compromised on me not flying above 50m. We continued for 2-3 minutes, then called the drone back.
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Hey thanks.
I figured it would be the sort of place where “security” people would say you can’t fly. But I’ll be armed with the Drone Assist map and Airdata too.

BTW, I was cheating, my photo was standing on the top of one of the towers! We got tickets to go up during the 50th anniversary a couple of years ago, It was an awesome experience.


Presumably, from the Drone Code, you’d need to keep 50m away(?)

I did keep 50m away on the Litchi flight, and was nowhere near on the other flights.
The picture below shows the Litchi flight plan, but there are no specific tools to estimate distance from objects. There is a scale in the menu bar at the bottom, and using that my guess is that I was never closer than 75m. (For anyone who cares, the cruising speed was 25km/h, the flight (and film) was 7m57s (vs the Litchi estimate of 10 min) and it was a Mavic Air).
The bridge picture was taken at the beginning of the curve between points 7 and 8, and you can get some idea of scale on the 4K picture from the two engineers in orange just below the tower.


That’ll be the plan.

Excellent facherty, thank you for that flight plan. I wasn’t planning to do a mission, just a random flight and, as far as 50m goes, I’ll just have to guess, as will the “security” person!. Thanks.


Disgracefully, I’ve never looked closely at the proximity warning display from the DJI Go 4 app. Maybe it displays the distance or can be configured to change colour at a specified distance. Maybe other apps from other suppliers do something like that.