Edinburgh Castle


I know you are on the Esplanade… but is the castle not restricted airspace as a military installation?

No it used to be as it had a jail in it but dji seen the error othere ways .a clue there are no armed guards on the castle.on the as well the castle was shut and you can see the cars parked .it’s is in a limit height area ie 121m and low flying aircraft maybe in the area. If you are planning to fly there go when it’s closed and just use common sense ijust took my mini 2 .would have loved to have taken my m2p but not allowed drone code.

Natts if you want to be on the safe side phone 101 police give them notice of your flight plans, they will give you a ref number and will phone back to allow or deny flights in that area. Once flying there if police arrive just quote them police 101 ref number and they will leave you be .

Isn’t all the UK 🤷

Yes but in these highlighted area you can/ may have low flying aircraft below 121m