been looking at this and watching videos. One thing that’s stopped me upgrading is that I have 2 SPI AIO’s, and well no V3 for SPI based RX’s, although I saw (I think Painless 360) that a V3 TX will still bind to V2’s because the devs are nice and know we have SPI receivers out there

  1. Anyone tried it yet, I know it’s Beta, but beta probably good
  2. I can’t find anywhere whether this claim of V3 TX binding to V2 TX’s is true.

Probably a nice thread here to discuss is, the new features (1000Hz Packet rate, diversity @ 500Hz, and Wifi config of Betaflight (not CLI though, but with no new hardware needed)), plus a load of others (lend quad, no need to flash to change bind phrase) look great!

(Edited to add link to RC1)

Also just a quick note, are Nano’s dying out? Have a nano on my 5inch, but seems all we can really get now are EP1’s. Do the nanos give any more? @Yith might know that one?

Is it power amplifiers the larger none EPx (nano) ones have?

I definitely get better RX range from my EP1 RXes over my EP2s… However the Happy Model EP1 Antennas are a bit weak and can be damaged. I’ve switched most of my EP1 quads to use the more resilient BetaFPV ones!

BTW… On a video by Painless360 last night an ELRS dev said that for the first time ELRS 3.0 would be backwards compatible with V 2! He then did go on about having modules for both and switching, which confused me a little…

Yeah was the p360 video I watched too. Guess no harm in upgrading my tx to V3 and seeing if works with the spis

I note there is a confusing “Note” overlaid over the top of the video… I have posted a question on the video about that. Lets see if Lee responds…


this is the bit that discusses the V3/V2 and SPI

Ahh see you mean:


I reckon that means you can’t use the bind function. I use passphrases so probably all good to go. Will have a bash later.

Lee has replied to one of my comments once!

Me too.

He answered… but his answer does not help.

I saw your comment, seems to have gone?!

That’s clear on the RC page… Oh very confused.com! :wink:

OK chatting with @FOG_Yamato in discord (Simion who was the dev in the video), confirms that support WILL come in BF4.4 to use V3 TX with a SPI RX’s. It’s not there yet. Will hold off V3 until this comes or get a 1W TX…

BF 4.4… lol… so in 2024

4.3 was a massive kernel and timer re-write and all the loops, etc they’ve said themselves was too long, back to 6 months I guess :slight_smile: Christmas?!

I shall not be holding my breath… Luckily I don’t have any ELRS SPI Rxes myself… Good because I really want to take advantage of the quad sharing feature with Brendan.

yeah the sharing will be great! Going to put the EP2 from the Wing into the darwin, as that’s always been crap. The Metoer65 ELRS SPI is great.

Now where to mount the EP1 with antenna on the wing, space is already an issue as we found out on Saturday, so cramped… or time for a bigger wing! lol

At least there will be compatibility with the spi receivers on 2.xx… At the moment it doesn’t impact me as I only have spi, so no point in upgrading, but next quad will have rx on uart and would be nice to have it on 3.x and still use the same radio for the 2.xx quads…

Well it’s only RC1 atm. So will either wait till full V3 now, or get a new TX for V3 only. All my UART based RX’s will be upgradable :slight_smile: