Ely Cathedral (No Drones sign)

These signs always make me chuckle:

So I guess outside of the precinct is OK. Unfortunately I didn’t have my drone with me - too windy, with family and other pathetic excuses…

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At least they asked nicely :rofl:


I’d be more inclined to obey that sign precisely because they did ask nicely rather than a big bossy ‘NO DRONES!’ sign. I blame it on my parents, they’re from an age when people actually taught their kids manners and respect for others.


Yeah I was thinking exactly the same. :+1:t2:


Took my mini 2 up from an end of a grass area. Straight up, took the shot and came back down again. Was well away from cathedral.

Where the grass meets the road at bottom.


But whats to stop every interesting building in the UK just putting up random signs that say no drones? If we obey one sign thats got zero laws behind it whats stopping every building or monument doing it?

Nothing … a landowner has the right to not allow take off and landing of drones on their land, and can put up a sign saying so.

Overflying their land having taken off from someone elses land (with permission) is normally ok (with some exceptions e.g. flight restriction zones)

There’s a thread somewhere with a long discussion about overflying land, and some of the limitations, will have a quick look for it.

edit - I think it was this one: UK law on flying in your local park & over private land

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Whilst most of these signs will have no basis in law (once off the ground), if I see a sign that expresses this preference, I’ll honour it or at least the spirit of it … i.e. that I’d stay outside the space directly above their grounds, and if I did sneak a quick flight, also do it at some time well outside their hours of opening when it’s clear that there’s nobody about. I say that, because I’m still hoping to get a nice early light shot or two of Stonehenge!

Thats what I do. I have never have so many early mornings since buying a drone. I live flying in Manchester which I know Im allowed to do but I always fly as early as possible as to bother the least amount of people as possible.


This is such a magnanimous building and its history does Justify their concerns. lets face it I am a newbie myself, but from some of the things I’ve read on other forums. There are some some inconsiderate operators, who don’t bother to read the rules. The sign is polite and so long as you are launching from another area and a reasonable distance from the building along with flying responsible you should be ok.

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