EMAX 1104 4300kv

Hi there,

Does anyone have the motor chart for this one? Its the same motor used for the Darwin Baby Ape…

I looked around but couldn’t find any place with the info…

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Best I can find is


Thanks for that Karl, although I’m not to sure how to interpret that one. The first column is throwing me off a bit. Would it be right to assume this is a 3s only chart or would it be a mix of 2-3s (starting from 2 going up to 3)?

I just assume its top three for 2s and bottom for 3s at different charge levels :man_shrugging:

That makes sense to me… Tks for digging it up.

Didn’t know you could get 1104’s anywhere, or at least i’ve never seen them available. nor are they generally a motor i would consider for a 2S build, for the price, the 1202.5 and 1204’s are more what i would use. Although i do have a set of 2S 1108 6000kv which it seems no one uses (no videos on youtube of anyone using the 6000kv version per se, not on 2S anyway).

480g of thrust with a full 2S using 3.4A isn’t too bad. Nor is the 3S. But I think it’s more efficient on 2S than 3S, when run at mid throttle.

Found them at aliexpress, dirt cheap too , less than 10 quid for the set of 4!! So I bought some in the hopes of putting a cheap 2s together…

Since the BabyApe runs them with 3inch props on 2-3s, Ill try that too

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The baby ape runs them well. It’s no speedy nut, but good for gaps and close freestyle between 5" and whoops. Where is should be

You picked up a deal then, I can’t find any that cheap, not that i should be looking either, I already have 3 sets of different motors sat in my parts box. :slight_smile:

I’m after 2S capable FC’s at the minute. Will probably get a couple of the 12A AIO BetaFPV ELRS boards from Unmanned and use them for two of my forthcoming builds.

I got them from his link: Emax 1103 1105 1106 1104 4300kv Brushless Motor 2-4s 2-3inch For Fpv Racing Rc Drone Quadcopter Babyhawk Kingkong 2345 Avan 2.3 - Parts & Accs - AliExpress

I also bought that mobula 7 hd from unmannedtech bargainbin, and if the fc is not busted, that will be the base for my 2-3s toothpick. With HD DVR to boot, that way I can record by bad flying in higher definition… lol

I wondered if you’d take a punt on the Mobula. There was also a Diatone Tina doing the rounds with a broken vista on it for £50.

I got my Cetus through on Saturday. The Goggles and Literadio work. The Cetus quad I assume doesn’t fly, it’s brushed and I think it needs a new FC, but I’m not rushing to fix it currently, instead I threw it in a drawer for future projects. The main thing I wanted from the kit were goggles, radio, charger and lipos. Which i have, for £30 and I might steal the camera and vtx from the Cetus to use on this whoop build. :smile:

I looked at your link and my only guess is they make the motors for Emax, so what you get are motors, minus the decals. I would probably consider opening them up when you get them, spray some teflon or wd-40 spray on the bearing(s) and respray them out once in a while. i noticed they also sell 1106 4200kv (alfarc branded). They definitely interest me more than 1104. :slight_smile: I also managed to find a link on Pinterest to those motors on a quad.

It look stunningly like the Happymodel Bassline frame.

Those 1106 motors are £11.50 including shipping for 4.

Tempted to buy a set for testing purposes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or how about the ugliest 1306’s you’ve ever seen for £13 for 4.

Yeah, I saw the Tina as well and but wasn’t too convinced by it, the main thing with the one I go was the DVR system.
There were a couple of Cetus pro kits going for 45-50 as well, which I was tempted for a short moment, but they are 5a fcs so not what I am looking for.
Tks for the tips on the motor maintenance, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.
For us who are starting and looking for cheap components, these motors hit the mark. I’ll try them out first and then maybe buy a set of the 1106 as well. For building 2-3s lightweights they seem to be ideal on paper…

Just saw the Pinterest link as well, my gosh the price is way up there !! But apart from that, seems like a nice build although I’m not to keen on those “square” frames, but it gives me some ideas for a build…

If you do go for the 1106, post your experience here with them. Once I get mine and finish the build I’ll share the experience to.

So some videos.

Firstly the Darwin Baby Ape, same motors that you ordered, but guessing you already watched some vids like this.

The second one is Nick Burns reviewing that AlfaRC Peter, which actually uses the 1106 4200kv.

The 1306 motors seem to be a generic design used by many no name Chinese brands, all offering the same stator size and kv. Albert kim did a review of the DYS 1306 3100kv which looks exactly the same (I think DYS is Eachine brand).

The one thing i’ve noticed is these motor designs are about 7 years old. All four of them I have found reviews from 4-7 years back. So it’s basically old tech. Hence why i think using really proactive maintenance would be useful.

But if you are looking to put a cheap quad together, maybe as a first build or experimental build, you can’t go wrong for the price. For the price of four mainstream motors, you can get 16 of the 1104 or 1106 motors. You might also want to try them on a 2" or 2.5" frame. It seems the power to thrust ratio is a bit random on these. Maybe try a 2" frame and 2" props, then try a 2.5", then a 3" and see what floats your boat the most. I think for the 1104’s the sweet might be in the 2.5" range with maybe bi or tri-blade props with a lowish pitch, but i’d try them all, but don’t tax them too much, since they probably use build tech from 7-8 years back. The 3" seems to make them work pretty hard from looking at the Baby Ape reviews.

I tried to find a video I found last night of someone trying 4S on those 1104’s and the wires caught fire. So probably no 4S on those. :stuck_out_tongue: But the takeaway from the Baby Ape vids (i think) is if you keep the weight down they fly pretty well on 2S and rip hard on 3S, but chew through Lipos quickly.

Cool… I’ve seen a few on the baby ape… looking forward to see what I can do myself.

I received the drone from unmanned today… It fires up on betaflight, everything seems to be in order at first glance. I updated it to 4.4, lol, reset the vtx table. Plugged in some batteries (using included adapter of 2x1s to xt30) and got video. The board on mine is the Crazybee F4 Pro v2, and it has only a 5a esc, so I’ll have to be extra careful when flying it on 2-3s, especially 3s…
It also comes with the caddx turtle v2, and it has a 19x19 camera, so I might need a different canopy eventually, for when I’m ready to transfer everything to the new frame.
EP2 has also arrived and will be added shortly…

I would set a very low motor limit when you test. Say 10% and work up in 5-10% increments and note the amps usage at each increment. Ideally i would want to use no more than 4.5A, so i have some breathing room for the esc. For instance on my 1102’s that use 5A at 100% I run a 90% limit, which keeps amp draw to around 4.5A. Mainly I do this because people tell me these 5A BetaFPV AIO’s have a tendency to die easily which i assume is down to stressing them too much, so I try not to stress the esc on them. Maybe something to consider. So far, while doing this I haven’t had any issues.

Good point… Will follow this process once I’m ready to set everything up…

I did some digging around and noticed that this drone had several burn out problems, especially on the motor version that mine came with. It was recommended to add a capacitor, which didn’t come from factory and to apply some throttle limit as well (for the 10000kv motors).
So definitely have to be cautious when firing it up… will try to be as much as possible.

Caps are easy and cheap. There’s a place I use on Ebay, you can get a 5 pack of Panasonic caps for a couple of quid. Throw on a cap of 16V with 220-470uf capacitance. It should work and won’t be massive in size.

Could you send me the link please?

From the places I’ve seen so far, 100uf seems to be what was being used mostly and 220uf for 3s builds…

I never needed to worry about caps before, so this is all new to me…

I have a selection. My go to is 16V 220uf for 2-3S, but 470uf can be useful if you need more capacity for buffering and smoothing. Best advice is to try the smaller ones, then if you are still getting problems (lines in video, weird motor/gyro issues) then try a bigger one.

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