Emax Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle

Hey everyone. New to the group. Wondering if anyone can help me. Iv got an emax tinyhawk 2 freestyle. Was out the other day and it stopped working. The controller no long communicates to the drone. I know nothing about how it all works. Iv purchased the jumper t-lite control. Was wondering if there is anyone that cud help me sort it all out and get it working again. :blush:. Many thanks
Jon B

Welcome barnsey :grin:

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Hey @jonny2012 welcome to GADC :+1:t2:

Do you have the ready to fly version of the Emax Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle?

The version that comes with the controller and goggles in one package?


@DeanoG60 @Earwig @Nidge

John has an frsky thfs2. @Steviegeek and I tried to bind it to his tx then a tarranis but no luck.

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:man_running:t2: :tornado:

He needs a Tango 2 Pro and a Crossfire conversion, I just so happen to have a Tango 2 Pro waiting to be sold :rofl:

Cheap Lock Down Quad (Emax Tinyhawk freestyle1/2)

The thread to follow for the Crossfire upgrade :ok_hand:t2: :grin:

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Yer it was the rtf kit with everything. It was working fine then for some reason it just stopped. I think i let the battery go down in the controller and didnt realize it. But its not even doin anything on betaflight anymore. And i dont know enough about them to even know where to start with it.

Cheers mate :blush::+1:

Have you tried rebinding as per the manual?


Here’s the manual if you need it :+1:t2:

Tinyhawk-II-Freestyle-RTF-Instruction-Manual-V1.0.pdf (2.0 MB)


Was it D8 Karl?

Doesn’t this indicate bigger problems than just binding to the controller?

When you say its not doing anything, is that literally nothing?

Do lights come on when you plug it into the USB?

Does the on screen drone move when you move it about?

Does it even connect?

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Just found this in the manual too which contradicts the binding process I posted above. Might be worth trying both methods :thinking:


I believe so. Whatever d8 means.

Bloody FrSky eh… lol

My original quad used D8 protocol on the T-Lite controller but it’s been a while lol

Have any of those binding methods worked Jonno?

Yes, we were trying D8
Red and blue LEDS on FC section flashed when booted up with power so the FC section appears to be OK. Succesful bind should have turned blue LED solid but it didn’t

John @jonny2012 was interested in the CRSF and TBS Nano VTX conversion so maybe he’ll go down that path



@jonny2012 John, if you have any concerns about the non-radio parts of the drone working I always have my laptop in the car when at the Heli Club field, so next time we can plug it into Betaflight and give it the once over :+1: